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First Time Freshmen

We applaud your outstanding decision to attend Reinhardt University. You are on your way to an incredible collegiate experience full of academic opportunity, exploration and achievement.

Students attending a college or university for the first time are classified as freshmen. This includes students with advanced standing (college credits earned before graduation from high school).

Because we want you to be successful at Reinhardt, we require all new freshmen students to attend a very successful and individualized New Student Orientation(NSO) program designed just for you.

NSO is a two-part process: SOARand Eagle Boundand to ease your transition into life at Reinhardt, you are required to attend both parts of NSO. Please click the links for more information about SOAR and Eagle Bound.

During SOAR, you will have an opportunity to get a general overview of academic information and the advising process as well as meet with an academic advisor to select and register for fall semester courses. You will leave SOAR with your Fall Class Schedule in hand.

The advising and course selection process at Reinhardt University is uniquely different from anything you will have previously experienced. There are many more choices at Reinhardt University with over 40 different programs of study as well as hundreds of courses offered each semester. You will need to take more responsibility than you may have in the past in understanding the academic requirements and institutional policies and procedures. Because of the numerous choices and the complexity of the University, it is essential that you work closely with your academic advisor.

All students are required to complete the General Education Curriculum, which ensures that you will receive a well-rounded education. It includes required courses, as well as broader subject areas from which you can select courses. Your intended major may require you to select certain courses.

All Freshmen will be enrolled in FYS 101 First-Year Seminar as well as appropriate classes in both English and mathematics. SAT (or ACT) test scores will be used to place students into either: 1) developmental English and mathematic courses or 2) the English and mathematic courses required of all students for degree completion.

You will complete the Course Preferences Process through the online NSO reservation process through which you can review the course options available to you during your first semester. Once you have reviewed the course options, you can then let us know which courses you would prefer to take. Please note this is a course preference selection process, not a course registration process. The Division of Academic Affairs will process your course preference selections and determine your fall classes based on your selections.

To ensure that you have a positive experience through New Student Orientation make sure you come prepared! Review the “Steps to SOAR” and complete all action items.