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Please select the financial aid applicant type that best describes you:

A current Reinhardt student is someone who attends now or attended here during the most recent previous semester. You only need to update your current applications, such as the PLUS and Stafford loan applications and the FAFSA.  Click here to go to the forms page.

Applicants who have attended other colleges or universities during the most recent previous semester are considered transfer students.  To be evaluated for HOPE at Reinhardt, go to the forms page and complete the HOPE Evaluation Request.  If you attended a public college or state university, you will also need to complete the GTEG, which can also be found on the forms page.  A FAFSA will be needed if you have not completed one.  Our school code is 001589.  The FAFSA link, loan applications, and entrance counseling can also be located on that page. 

A student who has been absent from Reinhardt University for one or more semesters, excluding the summer term. You will need to apply for re-admission through the Admissions Office.  An 08-09 FAFSA with Reinhardt's school code of 001589 will need to be completed.  If you need loans, please complete the online applications and entrance counseling.  If you have not had the HOPE Scholarship or GTEG in the past, you will also need to complete these applications.  All of the above mentioned forms can be found by clicking here.

Dual Enrollment
The Dual Enrollment program at Reinhardt University allows a high school student to concurrently enroll in college.  You will need to complete the Admissions Application for Reinhardt and as well as the Accel Grant Application found at  Dual Enrolled students are not eligible for Federal, University, or most State scholarships and grants because most types of scholarships require students to be high school graduates. However, the Accel Program is funded by the State of Georgia for high school students who are dual enrolled in college.