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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Aid
Student Activities
Residence Life

Financial Aid

Where can I find scholarship/grant applications?

Check the the financial aid forms page to find applications you may need.  If you still aren't sure what you need, then contact us for assistance.

How do I apply for the Cherokee County Grant?

The Cherokee County Grant is automatically awarded to eligible students. You don't have to apply.

What is verification?

Verification is a process that requires financial aid offices to verify the information submitted on the FAFSA. Approximately 30% of FAFSAs are randomly selected. If a FAFSA is selected for verification, then no Federal aid awards can be finalized until the process is complete. Selected students will be notified regarding what documents need to be submitted to the financial aid office.

With whom should I speak with regarding my invoice?

          The Business Office at Reinhardt University can answer questions regarding your invoice.

Why is my HOPE Scholarship not showing on my award letter?

For all new incoming freshmen who graduated from an approved Georgia high school, the Georgia Student Finance Commission is responsible for calculating the HOPE scholarship . Their calculation is performed when the high school sends them a final transcript to be evaluated.

Transfer students that have previously had HOPE with prior college course work should reapply for the HOPE scholarship using the HOPE Evaluation Form on our website.

What is the work study program, and how do I apply?

The work study program allows a student to have an on-campus job and earn a paycheck while working in-between classes. Click here for more information.

Student Activities

How can I join a club?

For fall enrollees, drop by the Activities Fair (held during Welcome Week) and look for the club at one of our tables. Or you can visit Student Activities: Clubs & Organizations and e-mail or call the advisor or a club officer.  Notices will also be posted around campus about meetings and you can check with Reinhardt Central about meeting times. 

What is Reinhardt Central?

Reinhardt Central is the place to purchase tickets to events, sign-up for intramurals, sign-up for free events, rent outdoor camping gear, sign-out billiards equipment, and find out about club meetings.  Reinhardt Central is on the Lower Level of the Hasty Student Life Center next to the Reinhardt Bookstore.

When is the Recreation Room open and what's there?

The Recreation Room holds two billiards table, a foose-ball table, air hockey table, two ping-pong tables and a big screen TV with couches and chairs and is open from 8:30 a.m. - midnight.

Where are the Student Activities offices?

Student Activities is on the upper level of the Hasty Student Life Center where you’ll also find Residence Life and the Campus Ministry.

How do I find out what events and activities are going each week?

Visit the Reinhardt Calendar on the Current Student Page of the University website or Reinhardt Central.

Why do I pay for a “Student Activities Fee”?

Each student enrolled on the Main Campus of Reinhardt University pays a $50 Student Activities fee each semester as part of their college charges. The fee is included in a students' bills and is used to support extra-curricular activities. The fee was established by a vote of the student body. Your student activity fee helps fund many types of activities, programs, and events that benefit the student body. The fee supports cultural, social, educational, and recreational programming including:

* Student Activities Council
* Student Government Association
* Clubs and Organizations
Multicultural Programming
* Awareness Programming
* Reinhardt Outdoors
* and more.

Every student organization and club recognized by the Student Government Association can submit a request for funding from the student activities fee monies.

Get the most out of the Student Activity Fee; get involved!

Residence Life

When will I receive information about housing?

Housing applications will be sent out beginning in April.  Accepted students will receive their housing information within two weeks of their acceptance.  Students must be deposited with the Admissions Office before they will be assigned.

When will I receive my housing assignment?

All students who submit their housing application/contract prior to June 30th will receive their assignment the week of July 6th.  Applications received after that will be assigned and sent every two weeks.  You must be deposited with the Admissions Office to be assigned.

What if I don’t like my roommate?

If you and your roommates are having problems you should first contact your RA and they will work with you to come up with a solution.

What happens if I lock myself out of my room?

If you lock yourself out of your room you can contact any RA in the building and they will be able to get you back in.  If you are unable to find an RA you can also contact Public Safety at x5911

Can freshmen live in the apartments?

The apartments are reserved for returning students and upperclassmen.  However if there are still spaces when all of those students have been housed we will give those open spots to freshmen on the basis of when their housing contract was turned in.

What is the $200 housing deposit for?

The housing deposit is a refundable deposit that the college will use to replace broken/damaged items in the room/apartment or pay for excessive cleaning.  Once your room/apartment has been checked over by a staff member they will determine if you would be charged and then the difference will be refunded to you.  The deposit will last the entire time that you live on-campus and will rollover from year to year.

Can I move in early?

Because of summer camps and fall athletes Residence Life will not be able to accommodate any students arriving prior to their scheduled move-in day of Saturday, August 16th for new students and Sunday, August 17th for returning students.

Are the halls secure?

All halls and apartments are locked 24 hours a day with access only being allowed to the students living in that building through either their Eagle Card or their room key.  Public Safety is also on patrol 24 hours a day and available to assist.

What are the basics rules?

All of our rules are based on safety and respect.  We do not have a curfew, but each building has visitation hours and quiet hours to respect.  We are a dry campus and there is no alcohol allowed regardless of age.

What size are the beds?

The mattresses in all of our residence halls are extra long twin (80"x36").  The apartments have a full-size mattress.