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Reinhardt Career and Professional Development Services

Reinhardt University offers a
Bachelor of Arts in English through the School of Arts and Humanities. This major will give you a rich understanding of the literary tradition and excellent language skills that are applicable in all careers.


Are You Ready To...

• Get practical experience interning, editing or writing for the school newspaper or literary
• Manage your time well so you
can complete all the reading and
writing you are assigned
• Compare different ways of
interpreting the same work
• Discuss your ideas
• Read literary criticism


It Helps To Be...

A person who loves to read different types of texts and who enjoys analyzing the material. You should also have strong writing and speaking skills. Someone who is creative and who likes to work independently will be a good fit.


Work Environment

Accuracy is very important in
writing jobs as well as the ability
to work with others. Writers are
often faced with frequent decision making, strict deadlines and communication with others both face to face and through email and phone.


Knowledge Base

• You will learn to think, read,
and write clearly.
• You will study the major periods of literature in Western Culture and the major trends in Western thought
• You will learn to analyze literature by examining specific passages to identify themes, symbols and literary devices.


Employment Websites

American Society of
Magazine Editors

Newspaper Association of
America Foundation

American Society of
Journalist and Authors

American Association of
Language Specialists

American Travel Writers Society

Society of Newspaper Editors

What Can I Do with A Degree in English?

If you love to curl up with a good book, then majoring in English
might be for you. But there's a lot more to studying English than
just reading novels, short stories, plays, and poetry by English-speaking writers. For example, you might have to explain a book's main theme or show what it reveals about cultural stereotypes. You'll then have to share your views in class discussions and in papers. One of the great things about majoring in English is that you can bring your personal interests into your studies. For instance, you can focus on the literature of a certain time period, location, or author. English majors read, discuss, and write about the literature and culture of English-speaking people. They also learn about the history, structure, and use of the English language.

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• Visit the Career & Professional Development Services department in the Hasty Student Life Building and explore your career and intern potentials through CCN, FOCUS and CANDID Careers/Perfect Interview programs
• Write for campus publications
• Volunteer to assist or tutor students in a writing center
• Become familiar with the proposal writing and submission
process involved in freelance writing
• Develop strong editing skills

Campus Contacts

Dr. Joy A. Farmer
English Program Coordinator
Office: 770-720-5633