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Reinhardt Career and Professional Development Services

Reinhardt offers a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies through the School of Arts and Humanities. It is designed for those who want to explore the arts, humanities, and sciences from multiple perspectives. Graduates will be prepared for graduate study in a variety of fields.

Are You Ready To...

• Take broad-subject courses on various subjects
• Develop your analytical and communication skills
• Cultivate strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative technology skills for research, writing, design and presentation
• Complete a professional internship or an independent thesis project


It Helps To Be...

• A strong and effective communicator
• Open-minded and thoughtful
• Interested in a variety of subjects
• Attentive to detail
• Respectful of cultural diversity


Work Environment

Depending upon the courses incorporated into the degree, alumni should be prepared to enter the healthcare fields, environmental studies, graduate study or into various other occupations. Work hours and times will vary with the kind of career you plan on entering into.

Knowledge Base

You will have the option of taking various interesting courses, depending on your specific track of choice. All of the IDS students take a certain set of specially designed IDS courses, however, such as Peace and Diplomacy and Monsters and Demons. You also have the option to do a senior thesis or internship so you can gain practical work experience while still in college.

Employment Websites

Association for Interdisciplinary Studies

American Anthropological Association

American Historical Association

American Sociological Association

American Academy of Political and Social Science

What Can I Do with A Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies?

Do you want a broad and diverse educational experience and would prefer not to be confined to the requirements of a single discipline? Interdisciplinary Studies may be the major for you, as it offers different tracks that you can take to personalize your college learning experience to suit your own interests.

The Interdisciplinary Studies major has five tracks:  

International Studies
Local and Social Identities
Theory, Intellect and Methods

If you are interested, consult the IDS program coordinator and select the track which most closely aligns with your interests. An IDS degree is appropriate for most careers and occupations with the exception of certain medical, scientific, or K-12 educational fields. Employers appreciate the excellent written communication and analytical skills that the IDS majors develop throughout their college careers.

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Foreign Ambassador

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Historical Society Director

Industrial Designer




Medical Records Technician

Museum Recruiter


Public Relations Manager





Youth Counselor

Potential Employers

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Accounting Firms

Atlanta History Center

Balt Trade, Inc

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Bradburn Company

Chambers of Commerce


Department of Resources

Department of Community Affairs

Environmental Research and Ethnoscience

Flint River Academy

Georgia's Attorney Office

Government Agencies

GTE Directories


Justice Department

Law Firms

Library of Congress



New World Graphics


Publishing Houses

Radio Stations

Research Foundations

School Systems

TV Stations

The Vanguard Group


• Learn to be skillful at analytical reasoning and ample command of grammar and vocabulary
• Develop excellent written and oral communication skills and develop attention to detail
• Familiarize self with proposal writing and gain as much experience as possible through volunteer positions,
internships, or part-time jobs
• Participate in activities such as debate or literary clubs, campus publications, or student government
• Involve in roles of leadership such as resident advisor, peer mentor, student advisor, etc.
• Develop on transferable skills and strong statistics background for research positions

Campus Contacts

Dr. Theresa L. Ast
Professor of History and IDS Program Coordinator
Office: 770-720-5609