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Are You Ready To...

•Study how recent decisions by the Supreme Court have affected health care

•Conduct a public-opinion survey on a political candidate

•Interview the people of a changing neighborhood about their relations with neighbors

•Look into the election results for small towns in the American South

•Monitor the elections of a newly formed government

•Predict the growth of the European Union

 It Helps To Be...

Able to make connections. As a political scientist, you’ll often have to interpret numbers and make comparisons.


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What Can I Do with A Degree in Local and Social Identities?

How does the government decide how much pollution industry can release into the air and water? What’s the best way for local mayors to convince voters to reelect them? Why do some people vote and not others? How does democracy differ in countries across the globe?

Local and social identity scientists study political systems from every angle, looking into their birth, growth, and operation. While most strive to discover the trends that shape our identity, their interests and jobs vary greatly. For example, some survey the public about their political opinions; others use math to analyze election results.

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