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Reinhardt Career and Professional Development Services

Reinhardt offers a Bachelor of
Arts in Music Education through the Price School of Education. The Bachelor of Music Education degree prepares students to join the ranks of professional educators in the elementary and secondary schools of Georgia. The degree program leads to certification by the State of Georgia.


Are You Ready To...

• Work with various kinds of students in your field experience

• Do hands-on learning projects in schools

• Develop and implement programs designed to meet children's social, physical, intellectual, creative, cultural, emotional and developmental needs and interests in a play-based environment

• Join the National Association for Music Education

• Attend music conventions and workshops

• Participate in school bands, choruses, or ensembles

• Study an instrument in depth

It Helps To Be...

• Genuinely interested in and respectful toward young people
• Abile to establish rapport and enjoy contact with the public, especially parents
• Someone who posesses trong leadership qualities and has
a clear speaking voice
• Proficient in written and verbal communication and presentation skills
• Musical, verbal, and patient. Some of your students will have difficulty with skills you may consider easy, such as staying in tune, beating out a rhythm, or reading music. You'll want to bring out your students' strengths, using them as bridges to more difficult skills.


Work Environment

Seeing students develop new skills and gain an appreciation for knowledge and learning can be very rewarding. However, teaching may be stressful. Some schools have large classes and lack important teaching tools, such as computers and up-to-date textbooks. Most teachers are held accountable for their students' performance on standardized tests, which can be frustrating. Occasionally, teachers must cope with unmotivated or disrespectful students. Many work the traditional 10-month school year with a 2-month break during the summer. Most do not teach during the summer, but some do.


Knowledge Base

You will learn how to integrate technology into your classroom,
use classroom management techniques and the best ways to support your students' learning, and acquire new teaching strategies you can use to meet the needs of diverse students. You will also learn to analyze how your students are doing in meeting curriculum objectives and how to design successful classroom activities, and how to prepare for success on the Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) English Content exams.

Employment Websites

National Education Association

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

American Federation of Teachers

MENC: The National Association for Music Education

Music Teachers National Association

American Music Therapy Association

What Can I Do with A Degree in Music Education?

Music is a true art form. We create it by pushing air through our mouths or by plucking, bowing, blowing, banging, or pressing various instruments (including, these days, computers). But once music enters the air, it becomes pure, free sound. Music travels the world -- without a passport. From Bach to blues to Balinese gamelan, it's available to everyone.

Music teachers are passionate about awakening students' musicality. These teachers are ready to guide kids pursuing music careers -- but they also enjoy helping all students have fun, develop discipline, and enrich their lives by learning to play music.

Music education majors learn how to teach music and music appreciation to students of various ages (mostly kindergarten through twelfth grade).

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Potential Employers

Board of Education


Colleges and Universities

Community Centers

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Government Agenices

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Music Industry Associations

Non-Profit Agencies

Performing Arts Centers

Private Tutoring Agencies

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• Visit the Career & Professional Development Services department in the Hasty Student Life Building and explore your career and intern potentials through CCN, FOCUS and CANDID Careers/Perfect Interview programs
• Earn good grades - grades are an indicator of technical competence in accounting and of a person's work ethic

Campus Contacts

Dr. Cindy Kiernan
Dean, Price School of Education
Office: 770-720-5889