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Reinhardt Career and Professional Development Services

Reinhardt offers a Bachelor of
Music in Music Performance through the School of Music. The Music Performance program is designed to provide graduates with a background in music. Students will be able to think critically about their art in relation to the liberal arts. Students will also become proficient in the practical application through the progression and refinement of their musical skills. This degree prepares students for careers in concert, music theater, or opera performance. While classical training is emphasized, the student will be well prepared to perform in a variety of styles and genres.


Are You Ready To...

• Study music theory
• Develop your singing skills
• Perform in front of large and small audiences
• Complete juries every year
• Become familiar with many different types and styles of music


It Helps To Be...

• Determined and confident
• Excited by the thought of performing in front of audiences to entertain them
• Able to accept constructive criticism
• Disciplined - you must practice regularly
• Able to creatively interpret music


Work Environment

Instrumental musicians work long hours. Practices and rehearsals usually are held during the day; performances often are evenings and weekends. It is not uncommon for musicians to travel on tour or wherever they can find work (clubs, taverns and concerts halls). They may be required to lift and carry instruments and accessories weighing up to 10 kilograms. Electronic audio and related equipment may weigh considerably more.


Knowledge Base

Your classes will introduce you to music theory, instrument or vocal training, music history, and various other courses that will broaden your horizons and expand your musical taste and knowledge. You will be properly prepared to perform in any kind of environment or situation.

Employment Websites

American Federation of Musicians

American Symphony Orchestra League

American Choral Directors Association

American Composers Alliance

American String Teachers Association

What Can I Do with A Degree in Music Performance?

Weekly music lessons, endless scales and arpeggios, ear training classes, nightly rehearsals, recitals for friends and family, and juries with faculty members…. If singing or playing an instrument is today a hobby, as a performance major it will be your life.

Student musicians spend more time practicing than almost any other activity. Hours of practicing will help you learn to interpret a piece of music as the composer envisioned it. You'll also develop your own signature sound; one that's unique to you.

Students of music performance perfect their skills as musicians. Lessons, classes, and recitals help students develop a personal style and prepare them for performing as soloists, ensemble players, and accompanists.

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Educational Program Specialist

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Instrument Manufacturer

Instrument Technician

Marketing Assistant

Music Equipment Sales Representative

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Music Therapist

Orchestra Librarian

Orchestra Manager


Project Coordinator

Public Relations Specialist

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Potential Employers

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Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Entertainment Companies

Board of Education

Orchestras and Bands

Media Firms

Music and Film Studios

Performing Arts Centers

The Atlanta Opera

Music and Video Stores

Piano Tuning Companies

Music Industry Associations

Production Companies

Music Therapy Centers

Public Relations Firms

Publishing Firms

Advertising Agencies

Law Firms


Booking and Talent Agencies


Colleges and Universities

Media Firms
Elementary and Secondary Schools

Music and Film Studios

Religious Institutions


• Visit the Career & Professional Development Services department in the Hasty Student Life Building and explore your career and intern potentials through CCN, FOCUS and CANDID Careers/Perfect Interview programs
• Earn good grades - grades are an indicator of technical competence in accounting and of a person's work ethic
• Seek as many performance opportunities as possible
• Connect with other musicians to form ensembles
• Be willing to supplement professional performance career with other types of work

Campus Contacts

Dr. Fredrick Tarrant
Dean, School of Performing Arts
Office: 770-720-9221