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Reinhardt offers a Bachelor of
Arts in World Languages and Cultures through the School of Arts & Humanities. The World Languages and Cultures program is designed to enable graduates to be prepared for further language study in graduate school or for any profession requiring the practical ability to speak second and third languages.


Are You Ready To...

• Study abroad to garner valuable cultural and language experience

• Become fluent in various languages

• Learn to speak, read, and write in different languages

• Be exposed to new cultures and the history of them

• Interact with native speakers


It Helps To Be...

• Determined and confident

• Dedicated to wanting to learn new languages

• Open-minded

• A quick and efficient learner

• Culturally knowledgable


Work Environment

The work environment for someone who is a world language and culture major can vary, depending on the field chosen. The business or health side could involve long hours and sitting for long periods of time, whereas the foreign policy or cultural side could involve being active for long periods of time and conducting interviews and working irregular hours.


Knowledge Base

The classes that center around this major are based on understanding, comprehending, and being able to successfully interpret, speak, and read foreign languages. In Reinhardt's degree program, you will focus either on French and Spanish, or a combination of the two. Higher-level classes will introduce you not only to the language(s), but the culture and rich history of the people who speak them as well.


Employment Websites


Peace Corps/AmeriCorps

United Nations

Amnesty International

National Endowment for the Humanities

International Trade Administration

World Health Organization

What Can I Do with A Degree in World Languages and Cultures?

Do you have a gift for learning languages? Are you interested in using and speaking those languages with native speakers? If so, the World Languages and Cultures program may be for you! You’ll get an in-depth study of the Spanish language and its speakers, a working knowledge of French, some grounding in the broader study of culture, and significant experience in interacting with native speakers. This breadth of coverage makes our program unique among the language programs offered at private colleges in North Georgia and elsewhere.In a multilingual world and nation, the opportunities for people with such talents are rich and various.

Related Careers

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Advertising Copywriter



College Professor

Community Affairs Specialist


Court Interpreter

Customer Service Representative


Employee Relations Specialist

Flight Attendant

Foreign Film Specialist

Foreign Service Officer

Import/Export Specialist

International Conference Planner

International Consultant

International Trade Specialist


Intelligence Researcher

Investment Banker


Market Research Analyst


Marketing/Sales Representative

Peace Corps Worker


Public Health Administrator

Public Relations Specialist

Radio/TV Announcer

Social Worker

Travel Agent

Tour Guide


Potential Employers


Click on the links below for further information

Private & Nonprofit Organizations

Advertising Agencies

Colleges & Universities


Consulting Firms

School Systems

American Friends Service Committee

Social Service Agencies

Office of Overseas Schools


Television/Radio Stations

International Exchange Programs

Travel Agencies

Book Publishers

Manufacturing Firms

Civic Organizations


Department of Defense

Voice of America

Department of Education

National Security Agency

Defense Intelligence Agency

Library of Congress

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Drug Enforcement Administration

Pan American Health Organization


Government Agencies

Agency for International Development

Foreign Agricultural Service

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Foreign Commercial Service

US Customs and Border Protection

International Broadcasting Bureau

Office of International Affairs


Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

Bureau of Intelligence & Research

Homeland Security

Office of Refugee Resettlement

Bureau of International Labor Affairs

Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Institute of International Education

Commission on International Religious Freedom

Institute of Peace

International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

US Trade and Development Agency


• Visit the Career & Professional Development Services department in the Hasty Student Life Building and explore your career and intern potentials through CCN, FOCUS and CANDID Careers/Perfect Interview programs
• Earn good grades - grades are an indicator of technical competence in accounting and of a person's work ethic
• Develop relationships with people who are native speakers of a foreign language so you can practice more efficiently
• Travel abroad to the country of the language you are focusing on so you can gain valuable cultural and language experience that will serve you well in your future career

Campus Contacts

Viviana Baxter, M.Ed
Associate Professor of Spanish
Program Coordinator of World Langauges and Cultures
Office: 770-720-5632