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The overall median salary for business majors as a group is up 1 percent to $47,748. While this appears to be a small increase, many of the individual majors report more substantial gains.

For accounting majors, the median salary is up 2.8 percent to $47,800. Top employers for accounting grads include professional, scientific, and technical services (including accounting) firms, but wholesale employers offered top pay—$51,500 on average.

Business administration/management majors also saw an increase in their starting salaries. Their median salary rose 2.9 percent to $49,200. Employers in the finance and insurance industries reported the largest number of new grad entrants, with an average starting salary of $51,300. Highest pay, however, went to business administration grads who landed jobs in the finance and insurance industry; employers in this industry provided these grads with an average salary of $63,900.

Among the business disciplines, economics graduates earn the highest starting salaries. Their median starting salary currently stands at $54,800, up 5.6 percent over last year’s median of $51,900. They found the largest number of opportunities with finance and insurance employers; their highest starting salary—$57,000—also came from these employers. Moreover, economics grads who landed jobs as financial managers in the finance/insurance industry saw their average salary top out at $64,000.

Starting salaries to finance majors start the year 2.3 percent higher than last year: their current median salary is $49,700. Although their overall starting salary is lower than that of economics graduates, those who took jobs as financial managers outpaced their counterparts, earning an average starting salary of $66,000.

There is also positive news for marketing majors: Their median salary is $49,600, up 3.8 percent. Those who found jobs in the information industry did substantially better, earning an average starting salary of $59,600.

NACE Salary Ranges for Business Majors


Students graduating in the communications fields also saw their overall starting salary bump up. As a group, their median starting salary rose 3.8 percent and now stands at $40,022. In this group, all majors—advertising, communications, and journalism—saw their starting salaries increase between 2 and 3 percent—but many landed positions with more impressive starting salaries. For example, advertising majors who took management jobs in the management sector received an average starting salary of $59,400.

 NACE Salary Ranges for Communications Majors


Of all the disciplines, those in the education fields saw the highest increase to their median starting salary, which rose 4.5 percent from $35,828 to $37,423. Within this group, starting salaries are highest for special education majors; their median salary now stands at $42,200, up 2.2 percent over last year.

NACE Salary Information for Education Majors