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Available Student Worker Positions

Athletic Department

Work Study Contact Valerie Peel 770 720 5825

Work study will mainly be assigned to the following areas:

  • Game management (for home athletic events)
  • Administrative

Game management

  • Setup before and breakdown/clean up after events
  • Keep statistics
  • Operate scoreboard, clock, etc.
  • Gate (all sports)
  • Concessions
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor


  • Assist athletic administrators with clerical work
  • General office work
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Job Description for IT 

Work Study Contact Ginny Tomlinson 770 720 5551

  • Assist with Helpdesk calls
  • Respond to A/V classroom issues
  • PC  software and hardware support
  • Inventory and supply duties
  • Must be able to lift at least 20 lbs
  • Other tasks as assigned

Center for Student Success

Work Study Contact Catherine Emanuel 770 720 9232

In order to become eligible to tutor in the Center for Student Success, you need to be a full-time sophomore with at least a 3.0 GPA.  The only other requirement consists of a recommendation from at least one professor. Hiring depends upon the need for tutors in specific disciplines, so the more areas of expertise you have, the better your chance of getting a tutoring job.


Supervisor: Lacey Satterfield 770 720 5620

The Admissions Office Work-Study position is responsible for a variety of tasks that assist with the recruitment of new students to Reinhardt.


  1. General office work, including filing, copying, and shredding.
  2. Assist with the execution of the admission communication flow by preparing bulk mailings and making packets for admissions inquiries.
  3. Assist with preparation for recruitment events-make packets, prepare various areas of campus for event, compile check-in materials, etc.
  4. Depending on skill level, possibly some data entry.

Skills required: This position requires someone who is dependable, punctual, professional, responsible, and has a strong customer service mindset. Additionally, this person must be able to maintain confidentiality of new student files. We strongly prefer someone who has the availability to work the allotted 40 hours per month. 

 McCamish School of Business

 Work Study Contact Hannah Hise 770 720 5943

Job Description Summary:  The McCamish School of Business Work Study student performs various clerical duties that facilitate the McCamish faculty and staff in daily operations and activities. 

Principal Duties:

  1. Utilize Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, etc.) in preparation of a variety of documents.
  2. Assist McCamish faculty and staff with clerical duties as directed by the McCamish Work Study supervisor.  Clerical duties consist of making copies, filing documents, mail merge set-up, creating labels, letters, fliers, and mailings.
  3. Run on-campus errands which consist of posting flyers throughout campus facilities and picking up supplies and mail from Support Services.
  4. Assist with McCamish events; prepare handouts, programs, and goody bags, and assist event coordinator with event set-up/break-down.
  5. Create colorful and exciting displays for hallway bulletin boards.
  6. Prepare correspondence letters and emails to current McCamish students using proper grammar and spelling.
  7. Perform multi-media tasks such as consistent updates to the McCamish Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and perform research using the internet and Reinhardt Library databases.

Alumni Office Student Assistant

Work Study Contact Kathy Bouyett 770 720 5508

The Office of Alumni Relations & Giving at Reinhardt University is an integral part of the Advancement Office.  Students report to the Director of Alumni Relations & Alumni Giving.

  • Office hours are 8:30 – 5 p.m.  There may be times staff is required to work nights and/or weekends.
  • Student Assistants are asked to work at maximum of 10 hours each week.

Duties to include:

  • Hand writing Thank You notes and Birthday cards to alumni, as instructed
  • Assisting with Alumni Board of Governors meetings (copying and distributing minutes, etc.
  • Assist with Reunions, Alumni Day, Homecoming, Senior Dinner, Golden Anniversary, receptions and other special events.
  • Meeting with alumni campus visitors to assist with tours and/or others requests.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Computing skills:  Microsoft Office:  Word, Excel, And Publisher
  • Legible hand writing
  • Communication skills:  Written/Verbal
  • Organized and Creative
  • Reliable

Student must be physically able to climb stairs (due to office location) and occasional lifting, carrying pushing and pulling.

Interested candidates please email Kathy Bouyett at

Alumni office is accepting application through Monday, August 25th.

Interviews will take place on Tuesday, August 26th and Wednesday August 27th.

Marketing & Communications Work Study

Work Study Contact Marsha White 770 720 5512

Actual Duties will depend upon the student’s skill set and experiences, as well as what the student wants or needs to get out of the position. 

Possible work responsibilities could include:

  • Reviewing class/activity schedule weekly and planning activities, events, people, sports, projects to photograph
  • Brainstorming students, events, activities, speakers, classes to feature in photography
  • Uploading photos to marketing office via Drop Box on the same day or day after the photos are taken
  • Using photography to create high quality video/slide shows for posting to University web site, YouTube, related efforts.
  • Assisting with photo shoots, if needed
  • Assisting graphic designer with assigned tasks
  • Uploading photos to R:\photo_archives and possibly to Flickr or another photo-based website
  • Coding photographs as specified by marketing staff (adding keywords)
  • Assisting with locating photos for other offices, entities
  • Assisting with office duties, as needed

Job Requirements

  • Has a personal Digital SLR-type Camera and flash, zoom lens is preferred but not required
  • Proficiency in shooting digital photography
  • Responsible in scheduling subjects or events to cover, shooting events or assignments, uploading photos to Drop Box on agreed upon schedule, attending weekly meetings with supervisor
  • Able to communicate effectively with clients regarding photography needs
  • Can dress and act professionally at University meetings and events
  • Lives on campus is preferred, but not required – if a candidate does not live on campus, he/she must be willing to return to campus to photograph events as agreed to during the weekly meetings – many of these assignments take place at night or on weekends so consider that as you assess whether or not this job is a fit for you.

Photographs shot during this effort are the property of Reinhardt University; they can be utilized for marketing for Reinhardt University or for portfolio/resume purposes for the photographer or subject, but they cannot be used for commercial or nonprofit efforts for entities other than Reinhardt University.

40 hours per month (10 per week)

To arrange an interview contact Marsha White at or 770-720-5512.

Please bring photo samples to the interview.  If you would also like to do graphic work, bring graphics samples.

Financial Aid Assistant

Work Study Contact Angie Harlow 770 720 5603

Student works in the Office of Student Financial Aid.  He/She assists office in filing, shredding documents, and answering phone calls when needed.  Student must maintain a neat appearance as this office sees the public.  Office hours are Monday- Friday 8:30 to 5:00, so student will need to be available to work during these hours.  Student will also need to maintain discretion as he/she will be working with sensitive materials.

Job Description for Phonathon workers

Work Study Contact Kathy Bouyett 770 720 5508

RU Phonathon occurs during fall and spring each year.  Work Study students are hired to call alumni and friends to request funds for Student Scholarships.  Students must complete an application form and meet with the Alumni Director or his/her designate before being assigned Phonathon duties.

Phonathon hours are from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. on nights scheduled for calling.

All students hired for the position should be able to work a maximum 10 hours each week during Phonathon.


  •  Phonathon workers are required to make phone calls and engage in conversation with alumni and friends of the institution. 


Must have a positive attitude and be reliable.

Must have good telephone communication skill.    A good speaking voice and courteous manner is essential.

Must be knowledgeable about Reinhardt and enthusiastic, when speaking with potential donor.

Orientation (Phonathon workers must attend one orientation session):

Tuesday, September 9th 3-4:00pm in the Advancement Conference Room

Thursday, September 11th at 3-4:00pm in the Advancement Conference Room

Phonathon Dates

September 15th-18th

September 22nd -25th

September 29th- October 1st-2nd

Phonathon Application

Digital Services

Work Study Contact Huitt Rabel 770 720 9147

Production Specialists will mainly be assigned to the following areas:

  • Pre-production
  • Field production
  • Studio production
  • Post-production



  • Attend and contribute to scheduling meetings
  • Assist in planning event production
  • Produce graphical and video tags

Field production

  • Be available to travel to locations
  • Setup before and breakdown equipment after events
  • Camera operation
  • Sound engineering
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Studio production

  • Setup before and breakdown equipment after productions
  • Camera operation
  • Sound engineering
  • Lighting
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor


  • Insert graphic and video elements to enhance productions
  • Cut video for individual athletics as required by coaches
  • Athletics highlight videos
  • Marketing videos as assigned
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Work study students for digital services will be expected to have general working knowledge of camera operation and editing experience using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere; as well as a desire to increase their knowledge in these areas of focus.

Career Services

Work Study Contact Peggy Collins Feehery 770 720 5548

Description of Duties:  To assist the Director of Career Services with day-to-day duties and special events. 

Responsibilities:  The Student Career Ambassador has four major areas of responsibility:

Purple Briefcase

  • Learn the software and promote it to students
  • Make brief classroom presentations, when requested

Social Media

  • Post events and articles to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Create Google docs for events such as career fairs, etc.

Web Development

  • Maintain webpages for Career Services


  • Assist Students with resumes, career testing and LinkedIn Profiles
  • Update Excel spreadsheets of students and alumni using the Career Center
  • Post flyers around campus for various events
  • Create flyers, announcements and bulletin boards

Job Expectations

  • Dress Code Policy:  Personal appearance contributes to the professional image that we strive to maintain.  Dress in a manner that is consistent with job responsibilities.
  • Hours:  Reporting to work as scheduled and dependability is important as much of the work relies on team effort.  If unable to report for the scheduled shift, contact with the Director is a must.  No shows and/or unexplained tardiness are unacceptable and may be terms for release in the work-study program.  Hours must be recorded and approved after each work day.  There should be no homework, eating of food or socializing with friends while working. 

Skills Required:  Dependability, task-oriented, responsibility, strong customer service skills and the ability to work independently with little supervision.