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Residence Life Handbook



Dear Reinhardt University Students,

Welcome to Reinhardt University and our Residence Life Program. For the next year, your home will be steps away from classes and your backyard filled with the magnificent sites and sounds of North Georgia. At every corner, new experiences and adventures will come your way and by May, one year will have flown by.

The Residence Life Program encourages the social and educational development of residents in collaboration with its mission and the mission of the college. It is vital that each person has the opportunity to live in an atmosphere conducive for such growth, so that all goals can be achieved. Therefore, please note that living on campus is a privilege, not a right, and every effort by the Residence Life staff will be made to ensure everyone's opportunity for success.

Reinhardt University offers numerous free resources that can assist you with virtually any bumps hit along the way. The Residence Life staff is extremely knowledgeable in the tools available and can quickly direct you to the appropriate person or department.

Our goal is to see that you reach yours, and in doing so, be successful in your education.

If you need any assistance during your stay, please contact a member of our staff at (770) 720-9202.

Thank you and enjoy your adventures!


Residence Life Staff


The Office of Residence Life at Reinhardt University fosters a vibrant living community dedicated to personalized attention that embraces diversity, promotes leadership, cultivates individual development, and enhances the educational experience of each resident.  The Residence Life Staff is available to assist students on their endeavors through mentoring, personal attention, and strong leadership.  Reinhardt University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national  origin, ancestry, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, unfavorable discharge from the military, handicap or disability in its programs and activities.

Please read this information carefully.  All residents of Reinhardt University are responsible for its contents. The Residence Life Handbook is located and regularly updated online.


The Director of Residence Life is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our campus housing department.  This position supervises the Residence Life Coordinators, who are full-time staff members who live within the residence halls and supervise the Resident Assistants (R.A.).  The Director coordinates room assignments, contracts, occupancy management, and departmental planning.

Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) are live-in full time college staff members.  The Residence Life Coordinators run the day to day operations of their buildings.  They assist in roommate mediations, coordinate room changes, and assist the department with various tasks.  They supervise the Resident Assistants within their areas and also coordinate collateral assignments within the department.  The Residence Life Coordinators are not student staff members as they have all completed their bachelors' degree.

Resident Assistants (RA) are our student staff members who live on the floors with our residents.  These students are the front line of reference for the residents and are there to help with a number of situations.  Our RA's are trained to deal with instances such as roommate conflicts, disciplinary situations, homesickness, and other types of situations that arise in the residence halls.  The RA's are also responsible for programming within the halls for our residential students.


The Residence Life staff serves residential students by helping to create a positive living experience. The goals of the residence life program are:

  1. To provide a safe, clean, comfortable and economical environment for students.
  2. To provide an environment conducive to academic achievement, respect, civility, and spiritual growth.
  3. To help each student develop a sense of individual responsibility and self-discipline.
  4. To provide integrated religious, social, recreational, cultural and intellectual activities in order to broaden the use of leisure time.
  5. To provide an atmosphere of warmth, high morale and loyalty towards the living area, the residence hall and the University.

Living in a residence hall is a choice that more and more students are making. The Residence Life team is dedicated to providing a community of care, challenge and commitment by offering a fun and exciting living-learning environment.

At Reinhardt friendships develop quickly, but they are long lasting. Students, faculty and staff are close knit, and living on campus provides an opportunity to take another step toward independence. Moving away from home helps you learn more about yourself and about others. We embrace diversity and encourage you to discover your own path in life. The time you spend in a residence hall will be one of personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

Residence hall policies are established to protect the rights, needs and interests of both the student and the University.

Some policies are based on law; others are derived from general University guidelines or the residence hall application and contract. They represent regulations that are necessary in a group living situation. Students who reside in the Reinhardt community accept the additional responsibilities created by living on campus and signify this acceptance through their contractual agreement with the University. Student occupancy of a University residence hall is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, students must agree to conform to standards of decent and considerate behavior, including respect for the privacy of others and the maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to study and community living. They are responsible for knowing the regulations, for observing them, and for abiding by the terms of the residence hall contract. All residents must be registered, full-time undergraduate students. Students living in the residence halls during fall or spring must maintain a class schedule of at least 12 hours.

Please Note: Students enrolled at the Main Campus with less than 30 semester hours and under the age of 21 must live in the campus residence halls, unless they live with their parents or spouse. In addition, enrolled students at the Main Campus receiving 50% or more of tuition through institutional scholarships must reside in the campus residence halls, unless they live with their parents or spouse.

The residence halls are staffed with a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) and Resident Assistants (RA). These persons are available to assist residential students on a daily basis and to interpret and implement University residence hall regulations and procedures.



When it is all said and done, security depends on you. The personal security of residents is of primary concern to the Office of Residence Life.  We are interested in your security concerns and encourage you to work with us to make the year enjoyable and safe. Simple actions such as locking your door every time you leave and while you sleep, going out in groups and keeping track of your keys and ID card are important precautions that take little time, but maximize your personal security. It is also recommended that you travel only on lighted pathways.  To help ensure basic campus security the main entry doors to the residence halls are locked and only residents assigned to their building will have card key access. Also, all suite and room doors have locks. Remember that this security may be compromised by propping doors, lending keys, or letting people walk into the residence hall behind you.   

Be observant and mindful that you play a vital role in maintaining a secure environment for yourself and others.


The best method to prevent theft is to always lock your door.  Also be aware of suspicious persons walking though the halls and buildings.  Notify your R.A., Residence Life Coordinator, Director of Residence Life, or Public Safety of any suspicious behavior or suspicious persons in the hall.

The college is not responsible for the theft of personal items. Purchasing renter's insurance is encouraged.  If a theft does occur contact the Office of Public Safety immediately to file a report.

Residents are responsible for all college property within their living space. It is good practice to lock your door when you leave your room and while you sleep.  Should you be the victim of theft or other crimes, contact Public Safety immediately.


In the event of a medical emergency where a person's life may be in immediate danger, call 911 and request an ambulance. Then notify your R.A., Residence Life Coordinator, or the Director of Residence Life.  If you do not feel comfortable calling an ambulance, then immediately contact an R.A., Residence Life Coordinator, Director of Residence Life, or Public Safety. They have been trained to deal with emergency situations.


If for any reason you feel unsafe walking around campus at night, we encourage you to contact our Public Safety Officers, who will provide you an escort to your car or to any of the buildings on campus. To contact Public Safety, simply call them at (770) 720-5911 and tell the officer on duty your name and location and when you would like a Security escort.



To prepare students and staff for emergency situations, periodic evacuation drills are conducted in the halls and apartments. Refusal to evacuate during a drill will result in disciplinary action and/or charges.


Expelling fire extinguishers depletes the amount of extinguisher fluid available to be used in a fire. Thus, using fire extinguishers without cause will be regarded as a serious conduct violation.