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Reinhardt Outdoors

The Reinhardt Outdoors program is part of the Office of Student Activities and provides students and other members of the University community with a variety of educational outdoor experiences and teaches them to enjoy these experiences safely and with respect for the environment and themselves. Reinhardt Outdoors sponsors caving, hiking, rappelling, horseback riding, mountain biking and canoeing/rafting trips for the Reinhardt community. In addition, in conjunction with Reinhardt Central, Reinhardt Outdoors offers equipment check-out for various outdoor activities.

Mission Statement
Reinhardt Outdoors provides opportunities to access the rich outdoor environment for the purposes of teaching, learning, and recreation through diverse outdoor and experiential outings that contribute to the overall educational mission of Reinhardt University. We are committed to inspiring individuals to develop a personal relationship with the land and become responsible, active members of our outdoor community.

Reinhardt Outdoors utilizes the small group adventure experience and other experiential learning activities as a vehicle for:

Learning Outcomes
Through participation in Reinhardt Outdoors, students will:

Upcoming Trips

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