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Reinhardt Leadership Academy

The Reinhardt University Leadership Academy (RULA) seeks to empower students to develop lifelong leadership skills that can be utilized within diverse educational, social and business settings. The Office of Student Activities offers a number of leadership development opportunities, which include conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops. Through participating in various leadership events, students have the opportunity to apply leadership skills on and off campus.

Leadership Conference: “Step Up, Stand Out”
Friday, September 16, 2-5 PM, Bannister Glasshouse

The Reinhardt Leadership Academy is hosting its’s first leadership event of the academic year. Chicka Elloy is a public speaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. Come hear Chicka speak on “No Regrets” Friday, September 16th at 2 PM! This event can fulfill your FYS leadership requirement! Come learn about how to become a better leader. Today’s the day to step up and stand out!

Leadership and Lemonade: “How to be an Effective Leader”
Friday, September 23, 1-2 PM, Bannister Glasshouse

There are many types of leaders in this world. What are the differences between an effective and ineffective leader? Come join the discussion and learn how to become effective! Effectiveness is a vital trait of a successful leader. The speaker will be our very own Dean of the McCamish School of Business, Dr. Kathy Hyatt. This session can fulfill your FYS leadership requirement. Light refreshments will be served.

“Leadership for a Better World”
Friday, October 21, 1-2 PM, Bannister Glasshouse

Change is the ultimate goal of the creative process of leadership-to make a better world for ourselves and others. In this workshop, you will discuss the “Seven C’s” of the Social Change Model of Leadership. Learn how to use your personal values and the values of others to create change. The speaker of the hour will be Reinhardt’s own, Coordinator for Programming and Service, Meredith Keating. Light refreshments will be served.

“Leading Out of Character”
Friday, November 18, 1-2 PM, Bannister Glasshouse

Is character reflected in leadership? How do you lead out of character? Leading is naturally drawn from personal morals, values, and beliefs. Sometimes we can be tempted to lead by being someone that we are not. Learn how to lead out of character at the final fall session of Leadership and Lemonade. The featured speaker of the afternoon will be Reinhardt’s own Rev. Ted Goshorn, Minister to Students. Light refreshments will be served.