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Leadership Programs 

Any student can be a leader in some way or another so a variety of avenues for skills building is offered. Reinhardt University offers several programs aimed at developing student leadership on campus. Not only do we provide many opportunities for students to serve in formal leadership roles, we also provide an ongoing series of leadership seminars designed to increase leadership skills in targeted areas.

Reinhardt University Leadership Academy

Reinhardt Leadership Academy

The Reinhardt University Leadership Academy (RULA) seeks to empower students to develop lifelong leadership skills that can be utilized within diverse educational, social and business settings. The Office of Student Activities offers a number of leadership development opportunities, which include conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops. Through participating in various leadership events, students have the opportunity to apply leadership skills on and off campus.

Leadership Summit: “Breaking Barriers” 

Saturday, March 4, 9AM-5PM, Kennesaw State University

Join us in going to Kennesaw State University to learn about breaking barriers within leadership. There will be several speakers that speak on topics such as leadership development, diversity and multiculturalism, community engagement, and conflict management. This summit is completely free to students and transportation is provided. Email Meredith Keating at to reserve your place!

Leadership and Lemonade: “Living Intentionally”

Friday, February 17, 2-3 PM, Bannister Glasshouse

Come join the discussion and learn how to live intentionally! Being intentional is a vital trait of a successful leader. The speaker will be one of our very own students, Kristen Holder. This session can fulfill your FYS leadership requirement. Light refreshments will be served.

Leadership and Lemonade: “Building a Strong Team”

Friday, March 17, 1-2 PM, Bannister Glasshouse

Learn strategies about how to work effectively with others in multiple settings. Whether you are preparing for a group project, student leadership, or a job interview, you can build a team with any group. The featured speaker of the afternoon will be Reinhardt’s own Diane Petty, Assistant Professor of Business and Coordinator of the online Bachelor of Business Administration program. Light refreshments will be served.

Leadership and Lemonade: “What’s Your Leadership Style?”

Friday, April 21, 1-2 PM, Bannister Glasshouse

Do you know what your leadership style is? Come join our discussion to learn how you lead! The speaker will be Nancy Marsh, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education. Light refreshments will be served.