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My Student Body

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?
You are preregistered on the MyStudentBody (MSB) website. Log in using your Reinhardt email ( as your user name and your date of birth as your password. Your date of birth must be expressed as an eight digit number. Express your birth month and birth day as two digits, adding a leading zero as appropriate. (For example, April should be entered as “04” and the sixth day of the month should be entered as “06”.) Finally, your birth year should be expressed as four digits.

The following are examples of correct ways to enter your date of birth as your password:
December 8, 1991       12081991 
April 11, 1992             04111992
November 20, 1993    11201993
January 4, 1994           01041994

What do I do once I get there?
You should complete the Essentials Course.

I am a return user and have forgotten my user password.
Enter your user name (your Reinhardt email) and click the “forgot password?” link (inside the user name/password box for returning users). A pop‐up window will appear, type in your user name (your Reinhardt email) and click submit and you will see your password reminder.

I am taking an MSB course. On some pages, I get a pop‐up screen that says "Page Cannot Be Displayed". Why is this happening?
If you get a message that says, “page cannot be displayed” then hit the “refresh” button on your browser. If you continue to get this page, then close your browser completely, reopen it, and log back in. MSB will remember where you last left off in the course, and will automatically take you back there after you have logged in.

I completed the Essentials Course. How long does it take to lift my hold?
Holds will be automatically lifted 24 hrs after completion.

I can’t seem to see any tools or peer stories.
A browser plug‐in is required to view our (Flash) tools and animated peer stories. If you cannot see any tools or peer stories, you probably do not have this plug‐in installed on your computer. You can download the “Macromedia Shockwave Player” for free by using the link at the bottom of any MSB page or by visiting the following URL:

I am trying to complete the required course at I have read all the articles and strategies, and the word "DONE" appears by each one, yet I can’t seem to move on to the next section. What do I need to do?
You will be automatically transitioned to the next screen once you have completed all of the course content. Take a second to run through the lists of articles, strategies and tools. Make sure each item has the word “DONE” printed next to it. If not, then complete those areas. To complete each section, you must select the “Return to Course” button at the bottom of the page. Hitting the back button will NOT register the piece as completed.

  1. If the word DONE appears next to each article, strategy and tool, and you are convinced that you have read all course content, but you are still stuck, then do the following:
  2. Close your browser completely
  3. Reopen it
  4. Log back in to MSB will remember where you last left off in the course, and will automatically take you back to your last stopping point after you have logged in, to continue on to the post knowledge quiz.

If this does not work, please send an email describing the problem to

What do you mean by “personalized information”?
Based on how you answer the questions in Rate Myself, you will receive immediate tailored feedback that is relevant to you and your lifestyle. You will also be directed to content marked with a yellow checkmark that is relevant to your behaviors.

How can I find information that relates to my school, and where I live?
At the top right of every page of the website, you can find the EMERGENCY INFO section, which contains emergency contact information at your school. The “Alcohol State Laws” tool in the “Trouble Brewing” section of the website contains alcohol‐specific laws that you can search by state.

I’m concerned about confidentiality. How do I make sure no one sees my answers about my drinking?
Please note that the course includes three surveys that offer you feedback on your alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are strictly confidential; Reinhardt will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will NEVER see your specific answers. All of the information you give us is completely and strictly confidential. You do not have to worry about anyone seeing it.

There is an issue that should be addressed on the website. Who should I write to?
On the bottom of each page of the website, you will see a link to "Contact Us." You can submit your comments and suggestions there.

What do I do if I am still having problems?
Please review the “Course Help” Links at the bottom of the page after logging in to If you are having technical problems (pages not opening correctly, tools not working), please contact with a description of your problem, and the steps that you took immediately prior to the problem.