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MyStudentBodyLog-In Instructions for Students

1. Go to
2. You are preregistered on the MyStudentBody (MSB) website. Log in using your Reinhardt email ( as your user name and your date of birth as your password.  Your date of birth must be expressed as an eight digit number.

The following are examples of correct ways to enter your Reinhardt email as your username:

The following are examples of correct ways to enter your date of birth as your password:
April 11, 1992 04111992
November 17, 1993 11171993

3. After logging in you will be asked to complete your registration for MSB.  You will need to create a new password that is at least 8 characters long and contains at least one number and one capital letter.  The password you created will now be the password you will use to log into MSB.
4. You will be taken to the MyStudentBody “My Stuff” page.
To take the Essentials Course, select Take Now. You will have to complete the Alcohol, Drug, and Sexual Violence sections of the Essentials course, and complete them by February 15, 2015 with a passing score of 80% or better. You will have 3 attempts to complete the course.
6. Once you complete the course, you will be asked to complete a survey, and then you can claim your certificate of completion. Print a copy for your records. You’ll be free to explore other areas of the website such as the library in the Student Center or ask questions in the Advice area.
7. In the 90 days following your completion of the course, you will receive an email from MyStudentBody prompting you to answer the follow‐up questionnaire. Please complete it as soon as you receive it to avoid any delays.
8. If you are not currently taking a course, you can use the “My Stuff” page to access material on the Student Center and Advice pages, or check out the MyStudentBody Stress, Sexual Health, or Tobacco sites.
9. To return to the “My Stuff” page from MyStudentBody Stress, Sexual Health, or Tobacco sites, click on the MyStudentBody logo in the upper left corner.

Please feel free to contact the Division of Student Affairs if you have any questions or concerns regarding MyStudentBody.

Click here to download a copy of these instructions.