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Established in 2008, the sustainability initiative, RU Green, originated as a student-led effort through the Student Government Association with the support of the administration, faculty and staff. The vision of RU Green is to incorporate the concepts and practices of sustainability into the academic, administrative and daily life of Reinhardt University so the University's students, faculty and staff act as responsible stewards of the environment. RU Green is a continuing process of integration and will be accomplished through resource management, community education, and increased curricular emphasis.

Why go Green?

People are realizing that there are several environmental problems that continue to grow. These problems stem from human interactions with the earth. These problems include a decline in natural resources, pollution, and much more. These problems can no longer go ignored. For this reason, Reinhardt is doing its part to thank and preserve the earth by going Green.

If you are interested in being a part of RU Green, please contact the Program Assistant for RU Green at

What is RU doing to go Green?

Reinhardt University supports continual improvement in sustainability education, building design and operations, landscaping, procurement, energy and water conservation, waste minimization, recycling and services. Efforts include:

What can you do to help?

There is a lot you can do on and off campus to be more “Green”. Here are a few suggestions:

Power Up & Unplug: 95% of power used goes into heating a charger, even when it is not being used! So use a power strip for your many electronics and simply flip it off when you leave the room.