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SGA Executive Board

The Executive Board exercises executive power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students; it is the executive branch of Student Government Association. The Executive Board presides over Student Senate meetings and forms and initiates general policy of the Student Government Association.

 Reinhardt Student Government Association

Executive Board

Student Body President

 Jamieson Exodus Palmer, SGA Student Body President


Jamieson Exodus Palmer

Previous SGA Experience: Chief of Staff
Status: Senior
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Rome, GA

As Student Body President I want to improve campus involvement as well as school spirit. My main goal during my term is to help students enjoy their time here at Reinhardt, and to embrace this University’s ability to give them a major University education with the culture of a small college.

Responsibilities as Student Body President: 

  • serves as the ceremonial spokesperson of the entire student body
  • works with students to resolve problems
  • informs university administration of ideas emanating from the student body
  • manages the Student Government Association in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer
  • makes appointments to student positions or boards and committees
  • represents the University to other associations or bodies

Vice President for Administration

 Melissa A Martinez, SGA Vice President for Administration


Melissa A. Martinez

Previous SGA Experience/Campus involvement:
Sophomore Class Rep at Virginia Intermont College 2013-2014
Junior Class Rep RU 2014-2015
Resident Assistant
Kappa Pi President
Class: Senior
Major: Digital Art & Graphic Design Minors in Communication Arts and History 
Hometown: Miami, FL

As Vice President of Administration I want to really affect students at Reinhardt University positively and leave a lasting impression so that future students can continue to experience growth at Reinhardt. I want to actively contribute to the student body by being an active voice that expresses the wants of the whole. I want to influence students to be leaders and encourage them to speak change so that the Student Government can work as a whole to surpass their expectations. I want to be their voice.

Responsibilities as Vice President for Administration:

  • oversees and appoints student members of the Judicial Council
  • serves as the chairperson of the Elections Committee
  • stands in when the President is unable to be present.

Vice President for Student Activities

 Emily Walden, SGA Vice President for Student Activities


Emily Walden

Previous SGA Experience: VP of SAC 2014-2015
Class: Upcoming Junior
Major: Soc, criminology and cultural Diversity
Hometown: Cumming, GA

As VP of SAC, I want to be able to bring great and fun events to Reinhardt; for the purpose of creating a since of community on Reinhardt's campus.

Responsibilities as Vice President for Student Activities: 

  • Serves as the Student Activities Council chair, a student group which plans and executes campus programming and events.


 Christian Hill, SGA Treasurer


Chrisitian Hill

Campus Involvement: I have been a part of the Reinhardt University football team. I've been selected as member of the All-Academic team for the conference. In addition to my activities as a student-athlete, I am the Director of Marketing for DREAMS.
Class: Junior
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Dickson, Tennessee

As SGA's Treasurer, I would not only be able to represent the student body, but I would be able to exercise the skills, that I have worked so diligently to master, to a real world application.

Responsibilities as Treasurer:

  • administers and supervises all financial affairs of the SGA and all chartered organizations,
  • maintains all necessary financial records,
  • serves as liaison to the University Business Office,
  • serves as chair of the Council for Clubs and Organization
  • serves as Chair of the Student Activities Fee Committee.


 Hannah Homiller, SGA Secretary


Hannah Homiller

Campus Involvement: I'm a tutor in the Center for Student Success and note taker for ASO, volunteer guide at the Funk Heritage Center, in the University Choir, History Club, and the Honors Program.
Class: Sophomore
Major: English and History
Hometown: Ball Ground, GA

As Secretary, I want to impact Reinhardt University and be a voice for change and concerns for students. I hope to grow with Reinhardt and bring only the best to both students and the university.

Responsibilities as Secretary:

  • serves as a liaison between members within the Executive Board
  • responsible for recording minutes during meetings
  • assists with Executive Board projects
  • helps all members who need assistance.

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Student Government Association Office
Hasty Student Life Center, Room 310