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The Judicial Council

The Judicial Council exists as the Judicial Division of the Student Government Association.

The Judicial Council exercises judicial power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students, including the power of sanctioning individuals; it is the Judicial branch of Student Government Association. The Judicial Council holds hearings and makes judgments towards the general policy of the Student Body Association; it has jurisdiction over student disciplinary cases.
The Judicial Council is composed of:

The senior faculty/staff member shall serve as the as the chairperson of a panel of the Judicial Council during all hearings and deliberations other than in cases of impeachment of elected or appointed officer of the SGA or the interpretation of the Constitution, its Amendments, and the Bylaws of the Student Government Association, in such cases the senior most student shall serve as the chairperson.

The Judicial Hearing Council is granted authority under Article II Section 3 and Article V Section 2 of the Constitution of the Student Government Association.

*This is a very abbreviated explanation of Judicial Hearing procedure and may not apply to all cases; please see your Student Handbook for correct procedure.

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