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Student Senate Elections

Student Senate

The Student Senate exercises legislative power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students; it is the Legislature of Reinhardt, developing and sponsoring legislation for the betterment of the institution.

The Student Senate is made up of both elected and appointed members. The Elected Members include: one representative from each class, two representatives from male residence halls, two representatives from female residence halls, four commuter representatives, and five representatives from the student body at large. The Appointed Members include: A representative from each academic school appointed by the Dean of each respective school, and two representatives from Athletic teams appointed by the Athletic Director and two representatives from the Extended Campuses.

Senators are elected and appointed at the beginning of the Fall semester. Senators serve for the duration of the school year; open seats are filled from appointments, by the President.

SGA Student Senate Funding Request

Sample Student Senate Resolution

Make Your Voice Heard - 2013 SGA Fall Elections

Fall 2013 Student Senate Appointed Position Application

Fall 2013 Student Senate Elected Position Application

Fall Elections begin Monday, September 9th and run through Wednesday, September 11th.
The Election Results will be announced on Thursday, September 12th.

What is on the Election Ballot?

  • SGA Senate Elections
    • The Student Government Association Senate is comprised of student leaders from different areas of campus. This ballot will give you the opportunity to elect those students representing you in the Student Senate for the 2013-2014 school year.
  • Parliamentarian
    • Over the years, the Executive Board, Student Senate, Judicial Council and other committees have experienced misunderstandings due to a lack of expertise on the constitution, bylaws and other important Reinhardt University documentation. The 2013-2014 Executive Board has motioned to create a new Executive Board Position titled Parliamentarian that would be an advisor to the Student Government Association on the constitution, bylaws, student handbook and other important Reinhardt documents.
  • Student Senate Amendment
    • In order to better represent the student body of Reinhardt University, the 2013-2014 Executive Board has motioned to increase the number of student senators from 27 members to 41. This increase will occur with housing representatives, commuter representatives, student body at large representatives and athletic representatives. This amendment also creates two new seats in the senate for a marching band student representative and a theater student representative. All of these new positions will be voting members of the Student Senate. Lastly, this amendment also motions to create an SGA Student Chaplain position who will serve as a non-voting member of the senate.
  • Judicial Council Amendment
    • The Judicial Council is the Judicial Division of the Student Government Association which acts as the hearing body and/or first level of appeal in disciplinary cases concerning students and student organizations. The 2013-2014 Executive Board has motioned to increase the number of Judicial Council members from 4 to 10 and increase their term from one academic school year to two academic school years.

Voting Eligibility:
All currently enrolled students are eligible to vote in the elections. Only one ballot per Reinhardt student will be counted.

Voting Instructions
Students have two options regarding casting their vote, either online or at a voting station.

  • Online Voting
    • A campus-wide email will be sent to each student’s RU email address with a link to the election ballot as well as their individual access code. To cast your vote log-in to your RU email account, open the SGA Executive Board Election Email, click the link, input your contact information as well as your access code and then complete the election ballot.
  • Voting Stations
    • Voting stations will be set-up around campus at specific times. To cast your vote at a voting station input your contact information as well as your individual access code and then complete the election ballot.


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For more information

Student Government Association Office
Hasty Student Life Center, Room 310
(770) 720-5861