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Circle K International

Lacey Satterfield (Advisor)
(770) 720-5620

Circle K is the world's premiere collegiate service organization with over 11,000 members worldwide making an impact on their campus and communities. Circle K is sponsored by Kiwanis International, a community service organization for professional men and women. Kiwanis International also sponsors Key Club International, the high school counterpart of Circle K, and Builders Club in middle and junior high schools. By joining Circle K, not only do others benefit from the service you provide, but you will enrich your own life as well.

Helping Hand

Helping Hands is a club solely focused on community service. Every member’s goal is to have a positive impact on those around him or her. We don’t care about race, religion, ethnic background, or anything of the sort. All we want to do is help.

Advisor: Dr. Cheryl Brown