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Student Activities

Religious Clubs

Visit the Campus Ministry web pages for more opportunities to get involved with religious life on campus.  

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

Rev. David Roland (Advisor)

Rev. Leigh Martin (Advisor)
University Chaplain
(770) 720-5634

The mission of the BCM is to serve others, develop Godly character and promote unity among students.  BCM holds weekly meetings that involve bible study and faith discussions.  All students are welcome. 

Campus Catholics

Dr. Wayne Glowka (Advisor)
Dean of Arts and Humanities
(770) 720-5628

Campus Catholics welcomes all students, especially Catholic students, to come together for study, fellowship, and worship.  Local priest, Father Reyes along with Dr. Glowka, Dean of Arts and Humanities, will be leading the group.  They will meet Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00 pm. 

Campus Ministry

Rev. Leigh Martin (Advisor)      
University Chaplain
(770) 720-5634                   
Campus Ministry at Reinhardt exists to coordinate the religious activities at Reinhardt University.  This group plans, implements, and participates in a variety of activities throughout the academic year in the areas of worship, study, service, and fellowship.
For more information, please visit the Campus Ministry webpage.

Reinhardt Athletes for Christ Everyday (RACE)

Brandi Berger (Advisor)
Records & Registration Coordinator
(770) 720-5992                 
The purpose of Reinhardt Athletes for Christ Everyday (RACE) is to present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships, and in the Fellowship of the Church."  RACE meets on campus for fellowship, devotionals, and other activities. RACE is led by students with one faculty/staff sponsor and Campus Ministry's support.  Any students on campus (athlete or not) is urged to join RACE. This group has an athletic emphasis, but anyone can attend.

Wesley Fellowship

Rev. Leigh Martin (Advisor)
University Chaplain
(770) 720-5634    
The Wesley Fellowship is a ministry of the United Methodist Church to all the students at Reinhardt University. This group provides weekly meetings for anyone who seeks Christian fellowship and discipleship.  Its goal is to keep students connected to the Church, as well as, growing in their faith and in service to others.