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College is an exciting time in a one’s life; participation in Fraternity and Sorority Life can be a great way to enrich the student experience. You will find our fraternity men and sorority women dedicated to bettering themselves through service, scholarship, and leadership opportunities.

It is a good idea for parents to learn about fraternities and sororities so that you are able to assist your student in making the best decision about whether he/she should consider joining an organization. If your student decides to join a Greek-letter organization, you should stress the importance of finding a balance between fraternity and sorority Life and academics. Participation in Fraternity and Sorority Life can enhance the college experience, but academics are important in order to continue involvement.

Joining a Greek-letter organization can be a great thing. National research projects, conducted by the Center of Advanced Social Research at the University of Missouri, provide data that supports the beneficial qualities of membership in a fraternity or sorority.

Please be aware that hazing has no place in any organization. Reinhardt University will not tolerate hazing in any student organization. In addition, hazing is against the law in the State of Georgia. All fraternity and sorority members know that hazing is against their national policies, university policy, and the law. All reports will be taken seriously. If you feel you or someone you know is participating in inappropriate activities, you should contact the Office of Student Activities immediately.

What is my role as a parent?

Help your student compare their personal and family values to the values of each chapter.

Be a consultant.

Set expectations regarding membership before the recruitment/intake process begins.

Be open minded.

Keep our office information handy.

How can fraternity/sorority involvement help my student succeed academically?

Does being a member of a Greek-letter organization have benefits after graduation?

Does it cost a lot join a fraternity or sorority?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Office of Student Activities at 770-720-5540 or email Dr. Walter May, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities at