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BREAKING NEWS: Eagle Has Been StolenEagle Mascot

Right under your noses I have done it again. I have stolen your Golden Eagle, and now the investigation can begin.

You will never find where I stashed it away; the search will go on for day after day.

All over the lush campus you will scrutinize high and low but where it is hidden know one will know.

Put on your thinking caps and get ready for clues. The search for the Golden Eagle has started at RU!

Once again the evil nemesis has invaded the campus of Reinhardt University and has taken your Golden Eagle from its lofty perch. Just as before, we received an anonymous ransom note declaring the challenge to all Reinhardt students. 

First Clue

"If you can decipher the clues and reveal the detailed mystery"...said the note

"You can beat all the others and find glory in your well disguised tote."

"This years reward I believe you will enjoy, so get busy now to begin your strategic ploy."

"The building of knowledge should be way back in your mind, ‘cause it is there from the stacks that you can view your find. Treat this location with reverence and without tout, as you determine if the prize is inside or out."

Second Clue

To find the prize and unravel the curious mystery,
Pay special attention to Reinhardt's age old history.

The placement of the bird is found near titles and books,
But don't forget he is to be found with a gaze and a look.

Again, treat your campus with reverence and dignity,
As he sits watching you roam about your beautiful facility.

Photo of Theif!