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Non-traditional Students 

If you are a student who lives off campus, attends school full or part-time, works full or part-time, married or single, has a child or children, or has other adult responsibilities beyond your college courses, we consider you to be a nontraditional student, regardless of your age.  Nontraditional students are a significant proportion of the Reinhardt University student body. You bring the college numerous benefits, including the richness of your varied life experiences, the inspiration of your devotion to academic goals, and the strength of your scholastic performance.

We welcome you to our learning community and wish you success.

We encourage you to come by the Office of Student Activities for information and services.  Nontraditional students may have needs and interests different from the traditional-aged student.  Specific programs have been designed to meet those needs. The Office of Student Activities is here to encourage and to support your educational endeavors and help you succeed as a student. We also provide individual assistance with questions and concerns relating to your educational experience.