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Designated Smoking & Tobacco Use Areas

Floyd A. & Fay W. Falany Performing Arts Center

  • Located at the side entrance to the music wing.
  • Located at the side entrance to the communication wing.

George M. Lawson Academic Center/Fred H. & Mozelle Bates Tarpley Education Center

  • Located beneath the atrium connecting Lawson and Tarpley.

Samuel C. Dobbs Building/ Hill Freeman Library & Spruill Learning Center

  • Located between the Dobbs Building and the Library near the picnic table.

William W. Jr. & Eunice L. Fincher, Visual Arts Center

  • Located between the Fincher and the Art Barns.

Burgess Administration Building

  • Located at the rear administration building near delivery entrance/loading dock.

Hasty Student Life Center/W. Frank & Evelyn Gordy Center

  • Located at the rear of Student Life Center and Gordy Center.

Paul W. Jones Hall/Smith L. Johnston Hall

  • Located at the rear of courtyard connecting the halls, beneath covered area.

Roberts Hall

  • Located in the parking lot behind Roberts Hall.

Herbert I. & Lilla W. Gordy Hall

  • Located behind Gordy Hall by the rear parking lot.

Cobb Hall

  • Located on each floor of the rear decks.

East and West Apartments

  • Located behind each apartment building alongside Baxter Circle.

John Rollins Wellness Complex

  • James & Sis Brown Athletic Center (Upper Gym).
  • Located outside the emergency door near the emergency exit for the locker rooms.
  • Joseph Baxter Recreation Center (Lower Gym).
  • Located in the parking lot behind the lower gym.

Physical Plant Office

  • Located in the parking lot behind the building.

Porter Building (Maintenance Office)

  • Located in the parking lot between the two buildings.

Grounds Building (Grounds Crew Office)

  • Located under the covered area beside the building.

Funk Heritage Center/ Bennett History Museum

  • Located in the parking lot near the steps.