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Payment Dismissal Date Policy

Tuition, room and board, and fees are charged by the semester and are due approximately two weeks before the first day of class.  Specific due dates vary and may be found in The Academic Calendar.

Any student who has not satisfactorily completed all financial aid requirements (submission of FAFSA, completion of any verification requirements, completion of all loan documents to include signatures, etc.) or has not made appropriate arrangements for payment of remaining balances by the following dates, will be administratively dismissed from the University.   

Students who have not been cleared by the Business Office will not be allowed to participate in athletics, the music program, or move into residence halls.  "Cleared" means that all financial aid requirements have been met and acceptable arrangements have been made for payment of remaining balances.

Current Athletics and Music aid acceptance date is August 1st.  This date specifies that students not completing their aid paperwork will be dropped and their aid redistributed to other eligible students.  Please see the Student Financial Aid section of the Academic Catalog for more information.