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Independent Study

Independent study is a carefully organized learning activity with specific objectives and methods of evaluation developed by a student in consultation with a supervising faculty member. It is an inquiry into an area not covered by a regular course or intensive study beyond the scope of regular classroom work. Such inquiry may occur in the library or a laboratory, or through reading, research or experimentation.

The purpose of independent study is to encourage a high level of individual academic achievement and to stimulate and orient students toward advanced work. Independent study courses are available in nearly every subject area and are numbered 299 (sophomore level) or 499 (junior/senior level). Regulations and independent study applications can be obtained from the Office of Records, Registration and Advisement. Only two courses taken by independent study may apply toward fulfilling graduation requirements and only one independent study may be taken in a term. There is an additional charge of $85 per credit hour.

Approval of the Application for Independent Study must be completed prior to the start of the term in which the Independent Study will be taken.

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