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Dr. Danielle Satre, associate professor of biology, Faculty Senate Chair


Dr. Danielle Satre loves that she gets to know her students well, something she was not able to do teaching at another University with larger classes. Satre is an associate professor of biology and Faculty Senate Chair.

“I love to teach Biology classes, but the one I most enjoy is Behavioral Endocrinology as this is my specialty,” she said.

“As a professor, I truly enjoy being at Reinhardt because we, the faculty, get a chance to really get to know our students,” she said. “I taught at my alma mater when I graduated, but I did not enjoy the experience very much because the classes were so large.”

The smaller class sizes at Reinhardt University allow her to get to know her students beyond just knowing their names. She loves the experience and learning who they are and watching them grow in a nurturing atmosphere.

“Not only do I know who my students are here, I get to know more about them. I get to follow them through the four years they are here and watch them grow and mature into fine adults,” Satre said. “I am also able to form bonds with students and stay in contact with many of them after graduation.”

Dr. Satre earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in genetics/subcellular biology in 2003 and her Master of Science in Biology (molecular/cellular/development biology) in 2006 from the University of Louisville. She also earned her Doctor of Philosophy and Biology with a concentration in molecular/cellular/development biology in 2008 from the University of Louisville.

Before coming to Reinhardt in 2009, Dr. Satre served as a graduate teaching assistant and instructor of biology at her alma matter.

Thank you, Dr. Satre, for your leadership and dedication to students at Reinhardt University.

Dr. Danielle Satre


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