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Dr. Kiki Emanuel featured for #RUFacultyFriday

Dr. Catherine “Kiki” Emanuel is focused on student success. She loves pre-20th Century literature and sharing the stories with her students.

“My favorite class would have to be British Novel, and we are exploring the gothic from its inception until the 20th century.  Think castles, tyrants, vampires, and the like,” she said.

Aside from teaching, she also is the director for the Center for Student Success, a place where students can go to receive free tutoring and help them either get on track or stay on track for a healthy academic experience.

“I think may students still do not realize all that the Center for Student Success offers,” she said. “The tutoring is free for all who want to maintain or create a good GPA.”

The good habits of studying start from the beginning, and Emanuel encourages freshmen to develop those practices early.

“My advice to incoming freshmen would be to establish good health and study habits from the beginning. Those early habits tend to stay with them throughout college,” Emanuel noted.

Dr. Emanuel came to Reinhardt in 2008 and serves as an associate professor in the English department. Her experience stretches from literature to student tutorial assistance and creative writing.

Speaking of her most influential professor during her educational experience, she said it was her dissertation director at the University of Tennessee, Dr. John Zomchick.

“He combined an outstanding breadth of knowledge with a really intense love of his subject to make any study with him absolutely wonderful,” she said. “It also did not hurt that he was also a really nice guy.”

Dr. Emanuel earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Tennessee, her Master of Arts in English from Appalachian State University, and her Bachelor of Arts in History and English from Winthrop University. Her teaching experience includes Lincoln Memorial University, Limestone College, Tusculum College and Tennessee Wesleyan College.

Thank you, Dr. Emanuel, for your continued dedication to the success of Reinhardt University students.

Dr. Catherine "Kiki" Emanuel

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