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Kelley Horton nurtures students along the way

By Cameron Davis

As instructor of Sports Studies and Physical Education, Kelley Horton has reached students in ways that transcends classroom curriculum.

Caring for and getting to know her students on a personal level is something Horton believes is important in the classroom, especially in a college environment where it is easy for students to feel as if they are just a number among the masses.

“I seek to develop relationships with my students. I want them to know they are cared about and have someone here on campus who will listen and only wants the best for them,” Horton said.  

While attending Auburn University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, as well as a Master’s in Health and Human Performance, Horton had an advisor who served as “a mentor and ultimately a friend.” Sandra Newkirk had a huge impact on how Horton approaches her own students and develops meaningful relationships with them.

“She cared for those under her watch and believed in getting to know her students on a more personal level.  This was huge at a large university where a lot of times you are just a number in a very large class,” Horton said. “The fact that she always went out of her way to invest in others spoke volumes to me and I believe made a difference in how I approach teaching and advising.”

Reinhardt is a place where students are encouraged, challenged and cared for, making Horton the perfect fit among the faculty here at the University. Seeing students do well in their studies and in life outside of the classroom is something she feels is very rewarding, for her purpose as an instructor is to guide and help students better themselves in all aspects of their lives.

“What I teach is so much more than knowledge or information about a subject or topic. You are truly helping someone learn more about who they are and all that the can become,” Horton said. “It’s awesome when you see a student not only grow and improve intellectually but also physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Ms. Horton, your care for students and dedication as an instructor has had a lasting effect on those who’ve come through your classroom; and for that, we thank you. 

Kelley Horton

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