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Honors Program Admission 

The Honors Program is for students who are bright, curious and enjoy being challenged.  In each semester of your freshman year, you will enroll in two or three honors classes along with other high-achieving students.  These courses challenge you to a higher level of critical thinking, reading and writing by providing expanded course materials.  Honors courses also provide opportunities for viewing feature films and attending cultural events such as plays, musicals or art exhibits.

As a student in the Honors Program, you may apply for an annual Honors Scholarship during your freshman and sophomore years.  Several forms of academic recognition are available to students who are successful in the Honors Program.  The Admissions staff can provide information about this program and help you determine if the Honors Program will be right for you.

Criteria for Admission into Reinhardt's Honors Program

picture of Nancy Tuttle
"The honors classes are usually more discussion oriented and more personal. 
The teachers really keep the discussions interesting and dynamic. New students should definitely participate in the Honors Program as long as they like a bit of a challenge in their work."
Nancy Tuttle '12
Fine Arts Major

Entering first-year students are invited to participate on the basis of high school grade-point average, GPA, and college entrance test scores.  We look for a GPA of at least 3.5;  an SAT score of at least 1100 (critical reading and math); and placement in college-level courses (English 101 and Math 102).

Students transferring to Reinhardt University may apply to have up to three honors-designated classes transferred with a letter of application and a copy of the syllabi for the courses. The Honors Program Advisory Committee may ask for further materials. This committee will render a decision about the Honors Program credit for these courses.

Returning students of Reinhardt University who have earned a 3.0+ GPA may take an honors section of a course. Returning students may apply to join the Honors Program with a faculty recommendation and 3.3+ GPA.  Students who have completed 12 semester hours of Reinhardt University coursework with a 3.5+ GPA may apply to join the Honors Program without a faculty recommendation.

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    Dr. Jennifer Summey
     Assistant Professor of Spanish
     Director of the Honors Program