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Redesigned SAT Frequently Asked Questions

When did the SAT change?
The redesigned SAT (SAT16) was delivered in March 2016. If you took the test after this date, you took the SAT16; if you took the SAT prior to this date, you took the SAT05.

What can I expect from the “new” SAT?
The redesigned SAT includes four parts – Reading, Writing and Language, Math, and an optional SAT Essay.  The Reading and Writing and Language parts are combined to give you an Evidence Based Reading and Writing score.  The test will take three hours to complete (three hours and 50 minutes with the optional essay). Scores are reported on a 400-1600 point range, with a separate score for the optional essay.

Does Reinhardt require the optional essay?
No. Reinhardt does not require applicants to submit the optional essay. Additionally, essay scores will not be used for placement or scholarship purposes.

How does Reinhardt calculate new SAT scores?
Reinhardt University uses the concordance tables provided by the College Board to convert all SAT16 scores to SAT05 scores, and vice versa. For the 2016 incoming class, all SAT16 scores will be concorded to SAT05 scores; for the 2017 incoming class, all SAT05 scores will be concorded to SAT16 scores. Scores will be concorded based upon the 1600 point scale.

Does Reinhardt have a preference for which test I take?
Reinhardt does not have a preference for which test you take. We accept scores from the ACT and will accept scores from both the SAT05 and SAT16. We strongly encourage all applicants to send us all test scores. 

What is superscoring?
Superscoring means that we take your highest subscore from each section of the SAT (critical reading and math) to create your best score. The subscores can come from different test dates. Reinhardt superscores for admission and scholarship purposes, but cannot superscore for athletic eligibility certification. You may want to note that Reinhardt also superscores the ACT.

Will you superscore the resdesigned SAT?
Yes, Reinhardt will superscore the redesigned SAT. However, we will not superscore the SAT05 with the SAT16. This is because the redesigned SAT is a different test than the former SAT, so a numerical score on the SAT16 does not equate to the same numerical score on the SAT05. Therefore, we will not superscore across test types. This means that it is important that you send us all scores so we can determine the best possible score for your admission and scholarships.

When should I test?
We recommend that all rising seniors (Class of 2017) begin testing with the redesigned SAT. This will give these students the most benefit of superscoring. However, we will accept the former SAT and the redesigned SAT for all applicants.

How do the new score requirements impact student-athletes?
The NAIA will grant an exception to all student-athletes who scored between an 860 and 930 on the SAT16 and are entering college in Fall 2016. Our understanding is that this exception is only for the Fall 2016 entering class. Any student scoring within this range will be eligible to compete for the 2016-2017 academic year. More information can be found on the NAIA Eligibility Center website. Please note, Reinhardt University will still require prospective student-athletes to achieve all academic admission requirements. 

What if I still have questions?
Reinhardt Admissions is here to help! You can reach us at or 770-720-5526. The College Board has also designed a website to address your questions about the redesigned SAT. You can view that information at