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Group ExerciseZumba Class

Reinhardt University, in collaboration with the G. Cecil Pruett Community Center Family YMCA, offers a wide variety of group exercise classes for all levels of exercisers each semester.  The classes are comprised of sessions that focus on aerobic activity, toning, or mind/body connection. The classes are one hour in length.

There is no additional charge to students and members of the campus community (faculty and staff members) to participate in the classes; however, guests are not permitted to attend group exercise classes.  No registration required; however, each participant must complete a waiver/release form before attending a class.  All classes are staffed with a certified group exercise instructor.

Spring 2017 Group Exercise Schedule 










(West Apartments, Gin Miller Studio)


Circuit Training

(Gym, Fitness Center)


Circuit Training

(Gym, Fitness Center)

Circuit Training

(Gym, Fitness Center)


Serious Strength with Gin Miller

(West Apartments, Gin Miller Studio)


FITtree Madness

(West Apartments, Gin Miller Studio)



(West Apartments, Gin Miller Studio)


Ultimate Abs

(Gym, Room 214)

Cardio & Strength Interval

(Gym, Room 214)


(Gym, Room 214)



(Gym, Room 214)

Group Exercise Descriptions

Cardio-Sculpt (West Apartments, Gin Miller Studio)

A low-impact, choreographed cardio that sculpts core combined with some strength training and stretch.

Cardio & Strength Interval (Gym, Room 214)

Aerobics moves alternating with strength intervals. Move to lively beats while training your body for muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Circuit Training (Fitness Center)

This class provides a full body workout, moving from one station to another for a set period of time using various cardio and strength techniques. The benefits of circuits training include cardio, strength, and agility. The time between exercises will be short, but don't worry we'll give you time to breathe! A certified trainer will teach a new circuit each class on the fitness equipment.

FITtree Madness (West Apartments, Gin Miller Studio)

Interval training using the Gin Miller FITtrees with stretch. This professionally designed circuit workout is performed on a device that makes it possible for each individual to load all four limbs and the trunk in every movement pattern, it's systemic fitness.

Serious Strength with Gin Miller (West Apartments, Gin Miller Studio)

This is a heavy weight, high rep advanced total body workout, great for working all your muscles!

Ultimate Abs (Gym, Room 214)

Our most challenging ab workout - this intense class is all about your core muscle strength by targeting ab/back muscles.

Yoga (Gym Room 214)

Listen to your body in this yoga class with a flowing sequence of postures and poses designed to increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. This class will be a journey where there is no competition, judgments, or expectations to allow for a deeper experience. Yoga is a gentle class focusing on the mind/body connection; strengthening and stretching the body while relaxing by utilizing deep breathing techniques.

Zumba (Gym Room 214)

Check out the dance craze that is sweeping the nation! Inspired by Latin dance and music, Zumba uses a variety of styles in its routines, including cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, hip-hop, pop, mambo, rumba, flamenco, and calypso. Music selections include both fast and slow rhythms to help tone and sculpt the body with easy to follow dance moves! All levels can have fun and no dance experience required. This class will gets your hips movin' while listening to great music!

Group Exercise Class Policy Participate at your own risk.

  1. Reinhardt University ID required.
  2. Arrive in time to set up your equipment and be prepared when class begins.
  3. Inform your instructor of any injuries, pregnancy, or special needs.
  4. Avoid jewelry that can get caught in equipment or that creates noise.
  5. Avoid heavy perfumes or soaps.
  6. Return all equipment to its proper location after use.
  7. Appropriate attire is required.
  8. Dispose of trash in appropriate containers.
  9. Strongly recommend bringing personal exercise towel.
  10. Roll yoga mats and put them away properly - please do not fold them.
  11. Set aside damaged equipment and inform instructor.
  12. No guest may participate in group exercise classes.
  13. Do not adjust stereo equipment.