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AwarenessCounselor talking with students

Each year, the various offices that make up the Division of Student Affairs at Reinhardt University collaborate to implement a variety of Awareness Programs.

Recent programs include:

  • Alcohol Awareness Week — This national week provides a great opportunity to conduct a series of educational and awareness events to bring the campus together to focus on the responsible use of alcohol and promote healthy behavior.
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Program

    — This program allows for great creativity and discussion on campus about important elements in any relationship. It provides a channel for students to discuss relationships and commitment. It is effective in encouraging students to consider, talk honestly about and develop responsible habits concerning alcohol, sex and other health and safety issues.
  • Healthy Living Campaigns — This comprehensive program brings awareness of healthy choices to the Reinhardt Community. Programs include a two mile fun run, a tobacco cessation program, the Body & Soul Expo, Safe Spring Break Day and other activities to promote healthy living.
  • Voter Registration Campaign — The National Campus Voter Registration Project is a campus-wide effort that offers voter education and promotes voter registration activities.
  • Constitution Day – The Constitution of the United States—Four pages that created a new government more than 200 years ago—A covenant that continues to shape profoundly the lives of each one of us to this day. On Constitution Day, September 17, the United States pauses to commemorate the drafting of its Constitution. We invite all members of the University community to join us in making, or renewing, your acquaintance with this extraordinary document, and reflecting on its historical and contemporary significance.
  • Veterans Day Ceremony - On Veterans Day, November 11, the Reinhardt University community joins the nation as we pauses  to honor and remember alumni and students who have served their country with distinction. The aim of this ceremony is to publicly display and extend the gratitude, appreciation and thanks to all veterans who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States with music, prayer, and the personal stories of our veterans.
  • Anti-Bullying Campaign – This program provides a great opportunity to "Stand Up Against Bullying” and serves to bring awareness about this issue to the campus community and to make it clear that it is not okay to bullying others.