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The Office of Student Activities is responsible for providing programs, activities, and general support that help to create and sustain a greater diversity among Reinhardt students, faculty, and staff. Students of different countries, cultures and ethnic origins enhance the Reinhardt community and the educational experience of all students. This experience in turn, leads us to an understanding and appreciation of diversity which fosters a richer learning environment.


This program promotes several themed monthly events including programming for Hispanic Heritage Month, American Indian Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Women’s History Month. The purpose of recognizing these themes is to increase consciousness and knowledge of world history and to remember the contributions of notable and ordinary men and women.

African Descent Student Association (ADSA)

Advisor: Tunji Adesesan

ADSA aims at raising awareness on campus about African people, African culture, misconceptions about Africa, and hope to spark a greater interest among the student body regarding the African continent.

Aspiring Latinos Altering Society (ALAS)

Tunji Adesesan (advisor)

ALAS works to create awareness of the Latino/a heritage and culture by developing a community for learning and growth for all students. The group is open to students interested in Latino/a issues and perspectives.

Developing Rational Empowered African Americans Motivating Society (DREAMS)

Julie Kirk (advisor)

DREAMS is an organization that promotes the development of the minority community while providing the African American society with cultural, social and academia enlightenment. DREAMS shall encourage cultural diversity and will cultivate relationships with the other student organizations at Reinhardt University. Are you interested in promoting UNITY within the minority community at Reinhardt? Would you like to cultivate relationships with other student organizations? Would you lie a chance to FREE your mind from negative thoughts and create a more positive uplifting atmosphere, which promotes DIVERSITY, INTEGRITY, and SERVICE? Then join DREAMS!

DREAMS is open to all students.

Gay-Straight Allicane (GSA)

Cheryl Brown (advisor)

The Reinhardt University Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is a student organization that provides advocacy and education for individuals in the University community, as well as works to increase tolerance and respect for individuals of all sexual orientations and identities. GSA envisions a world where all students are accepted and respected regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.