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DNES Newspaper Prague

Majoring in Media Writing

Is writing your passion? Have you always dreamed of using your writing talents as a journalist or a screenwriter, writing advertising/PR copy, training manuals, or press releases?

The Media Writing major concentration will prepare you for a writing career in the 21st-century integrated multimedia environment. You may:

  • write and design web pages for a nonprofit organization
  • create newsletters and corporate publications
  • write scripts for radio or television shows 
  • write feature stories for a magazine 
  • write breaking news stories for a newspaper or online news organization


What You Will Learn:

  • professional writing skills in a variety of styles and to fulfill various professional niches, from journalism to corporate communication to blogging

  • how to analyze and evaluate communication styles and methods to effectively reach your target audience

  • how to research a story or assignment using all available resources (including interviewing and observation)

  • how to communicate effectively on the web, in print, and in the electronic media.

Skills You Acquire:

  • Highly-valued professional writing and design skills for public relations and advertising campaigns, the Internet, magazines, newspapers, technical publications, broadcasting, and the screen

  • Valuable skills in interpersonal and intercultural communication, knowledge of media theory, and skills in qualitative research methods

  • Strong listening and observational skills as well as experience in collaborative writing

  • Real-world experience needed to compete successfully in the marketplace.


Hiltonian staff

Erin Turner, Misti Dawn Steward and Kaleigh Mulderigh as the editorial team for The Reinhardt Hiltonian, the campus newspaper.


"The small classes at Reinhardt allowed me to get hands-on experience with communication and writing."
Sneed Collins '09
Sneed participated in the 2008 Reinhardt study abroad program to Eastern Europe and Paris which included a visit to the Czech newspaper DNES (above) and a meeting with the editor-in-chief.


Bachelor of Arts in Communication (B.A.)  

Media Writing (Major)


The Media Writing degree program prepares students for professional writing careers in today's convergent global media environment: print or online journalism, corporate or nonprofit communication, publishing and editing, public relations/advertising, screenwriting, and other media fields. In addition to skills in writing, visual design and oral communication, students gain a broad base of knowledge in interpersonal and intercultural communication, critical theory, ethics, and research methods, culminating in a professional internship. Graduates are poised to enter a writing or communication career or to pursue graduate study.  Main Campus only.  

General Education Curriculum (48 hours)

Major Required Courses: 30 hours

COM 100 Communication Colloquium (each semester)

COM 201 Interpersonal Communication

COM 202 Introduction to Mass Communication and Mass Media

SSC 321 Qualitative Research Methods

COM 331 Media History

COM 340 Professional Writing and Communication Skills

COM 360 Intercultural Communication

COM 370 Media Law and Ethics

COM 403 Theories of Media and Visual Culture

COM 407 Communication Internship

COM 490 Capstone Senior Seminar


Major Electives (select six) (18 hours)

COM 200 RCTV Practicum (limit 3 credit hours towards degree)

COM 205 Journalism: News Writing

COM 206 Journalism: Feature Writing

COM 207 Screenwriting Development and Protocols for Motion Media   

COM 210 Photojournalism

COM 307 Broadcast Journalism

COM 311 Public Relations Practices

COM 312 Advertising Principles

COM 313 Educational Public Relations

COM 314 Strategies for the Advertising/Public Relations Campaign

COM 320 Technical Writing

COM 325 Web and Interactive Media Design I

COM 326 Web and Interactive Media Design II

COM 352 Styles and Genres in Motion Media

COM 398 Special Topics in Global/Intercultural Communication

COM 406 Special Project

COM 298/498 Special Topics

COM 450 Thesis Project


General Electives  (24 hours)

Total Semester Credits Required in Degree: 120 hours