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BUS 625 Managerial Accounting

3 credits - Reinhardt MBA

Managerial Accounting at the graduate level offers real world tools for decision making within the framework of organizational strategy. Effective tools are linked with management concepts such as strategic position analysis, value chain analyses, and affects on decisions of how a business competes in the marketplace. Traditional cost behavior concepts, cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis, and product costing are updated with real world examples and decision cases. New measures for relevant costs and reflective performance reports are prepared with reporting alternatives by segment, with transfer pricing and ending with an overall balanced scorecard.

In this age of global competition, innovation, technology advancements, reengineering and employee empowerment, decision makers at all levels within the organization can benefit from tools. Ethical dilemmas within the context of measurement and decision situations also receive extensive coverage. The course addresses the critical need for managers to be able to integrate financial and non-financial information for better strategic, organizational, and operational decisions.

Student Learning Outcomes: