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Reinhardt University MBA Curriculum

The Reinhardt MBA curriculum offers superior training and applications in the professional business arena.

The Practicum and the Portfolio of the Reinhardt MBA provide opportunities for hands-on applications and produce experiences and deliverables that can be used in a hiring and/or promotion process:

10 Relevant and Applicable Courses for Business Leaders

The Reinhardt MBA includes 10 courses designed for business leaders.  Much of the content is immediately applicable in professional and personal situations. Reinhardt MBA classes address teamwork dynamics, networking strategies, management skills, marketing, accounting, project management, communication, research and management. 

A targeted practicum is held on a Saturday after every set (two) of courses.

Reinhardt MBA courses include:

BUS 601  Managing Organizations >

BUS 610  Organizational Communication >

BUS 621  Human Resource Management >

BUS 625  Managerial Accounting >

BUS 641  Quantitative Decision Making >

BUS 640  Law & Ethics >

BUS 661  Economics >

BUS 665  Marketing

BUS 680  Global Mangement >

BUS 690  Strategic Management >