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Successful Reinhardt MBA Graduates Apply Their Skills and Knowledge

Since the first graduating class in 2009, Reinhardt MBA alumni have succeeded in applying their new credentials, skills, knowledge and contacts in a variety of fields.  Meet a few of our graduates:

Randell Trammell <BA '09 has used his business skills to advance in nonprofit management and administration. Amy Ostom MBA '09 has advanced her career in corporate accounting. Ann Bailey MBA '10 is working on a doctorate and has opened an art gallery using the business model she developed during her MBA classes. Jessica Akers MBA '11 has changed her career from admissions counselor to nonprofit administration. After completing his MBA in 2011, Justin Wilson hopes to use his new skills to advance in his public safety career.
Randell Trammell
MBA '09
Non profit advancement >
Amy Ostom
MBA '09
Corporate Advancement >
Ann Bailey
MBA '10
Corporate advancement,
career change, and further education >
Jessica Akers
MBA '11
Career change >
Justin Wilson MBA '11
Advancement in
Public Safety Sector >