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Reinhardt Advantage MBA alumnus Randell Trammell has spoken at several Reinhardt leadership seminars and business programs.Dr. Randell Trammell '03 MBA '09

Competitive Price, Comparable Quality, Personal Focus

"There are many MBA programs in the Atlanta market," said Dr. Randell E. Trammell, a 2009 graduate of Reinhardt Advantage MBA program. "Reinhardt's program was the best option for me because its price was the most competitive, the quality of education is comparable to that from other programs, and first and foremost, Reinhardt's focus is on personal student development rather than pushing students through the system."

Career Advancement or Career Change

The opportunity for students to customize their MBA experience at Reinhardt has given several students opportunities for promotions or career changes.  Trammell has used his degree, experience and knowledge to advance with the State YMCA of Georgia. "A board member at the YMCA pulled me aside and told me, ‘Randell, I can really tell that you are embracing the knowledge you are getting from the MBA program in the way you present reports and communicate the status of the organization.' I was promoted to state executive director/CEO...I think that pursuing my MBA from Reinhardt made the Board more comfortable in my skills and knowledge, and thus, hired me for the position."

In June 2014 Randell achieved another milestone - he completed a Doctorate in Education in Organizational Management and Communication at Northeastern University.

A recommendation for the Reinhardt Advantage MBA

"I highly recommend the MBA program to employers and to those who want to get to the next level in their career," said Trammell. "With current economic conditions, an MBA gives a person a step up over others in the job market. The investment of time and finances will pay off personally and professionally and will forever be a part of what makes you exceptional."

Reinhardt Advantage MBA alumnus Randell Trammell believes in giving back to his alma mater. Trammell and his wife attended the RU Talon Awards Gala in 2011.Caring and Involved Alumnus

Trammell's undergraduate degree in religion is also from Reinhardt, and he believes in supporting his alma mater. He has served on the Reinhardt Alumni Board of Governors for several years - his current role is president. He has also spoken at several Reinhardt leadership seminars and frequently attends Reinhardt events and programs. 

"I believe in Reinhardt's mission. The University transforms lives, and I'm honored to play a small role in that process," he said.

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