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Transforming Professional Educators into Responsive Teachers, Effective Collaborators, Action Researchers and Instructional Leaders in Inclusion Classrooms:

Price School of Education Mission Statement

The mission of all teacher preparation programs at Reinhardt University is to produce reflective, problem-solving teachers who respond to the diversity of student needs through differentiated instruction driven by ongoing assessment and adjustments within a nurturing environment.

Program Goals

In support of the Price School of Education Mission, the Master of Education Program in Special Education will address:   

Candidates will continue to develop their instructional and assessment skills to the Master Teacher level.  They will be able to implement a wide range of instruction and assessment strategies for students with special needs.

Candidates will be able to effectively collaborate with other educators as well as parents, service providers, and other community agency personnel to address all students' academic, social, and emotional needs.

Candidates will analyze critical learning issues in the classroom, study current research addressing these issues, implement strategies focused on the issues and determine the strategies' effectiveness.  They will share the results of their action research studies with colleagues so that effective instruction is promoted throughout their school district.

Candidates will work as leaders and collaborators in the professional community to improve programs and practices for children with special needs and their families. They will reflect on and use their abilities and opportunities to think strategically, build consensus, create change and influence better outcomes for children, families and the profession.

The Master of Education in Special Education program will promote:

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