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Master of Public Administration

    MPA 600  Public Administration and Policy  3
    MPA 605  Leadership and Organizational Behavior 3
    MPA 610  Research Methods 3
    MPA 611  Applied Statistics for Public Decision Making 3
    MPA 615  Special Topics in Public Administration* 3
    MPA 620  Budgeting and Finance 3
    MPA 625  Human Services Administration 3
    MPA 630  Administrative Law 3
    MPA 635  Ethics in Public Service 3
    MPA 640  Criminal Justice Administration 3
    MPA 645  Police Administration 3
    MPA 655  Criminal Justice Policy 3
    MPA 660  Local Government Administration and Management 3
    MPA 665  Public Organization and Management 3
    MPA 670  Public Policy Process 3

*Internship/Professional Work Experience Requirement

Students who have not had at least one year of experience in government and/or criminal justice administration in the public or nonprofit sector must complete a paid, full-time equivalent, semester long internship.  Those students who have worked one year in a full-time professional administrative position in the public or nonprofit sector may apply for a waiver of the internship requirement.   

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