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Graduate Music Faculty:

Graduate faculty are selected from the full-time and adjunct faculty members of the School of Performing Arts at Reinhardt University and outstanding visiting faculty. Graduate faculty members are expected to possess the terminal degree in the teaching field or demonstrate a significant level of accomplishment in performance and/or published research.

Dennis K. McIntire
Dean for the School of Performing Arts

Associate Professor of Music
B.M.E. Mississippi College
M.M. Mississippi College
Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi
Study, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Paula Thomas-Lee
raduate Program Coordinator for Master of Music Program
B.A. Baylor University
M.M. Baylor University
D.M.A. University of Georgia

David Gregory
Associate Professor of Music
B.M.E. - University of Southern Mississippi
M.M.E. - Auburn University
Ed.S. - Auburn University
Ed.D. - Auburn University

Mitchel Henson   
B.M. University of Georgia
M.M.E. University of Georgia
Ed.D. Florida State University

Matthew Anderson
B.M. Georgia State University
M.M. University of Georgia
D.M.A. University of Georgia
The Athens Guitar Trio website:

Thomas Fraschillo
B.M. University of Southern Mississippi
M.M.E. University of Southern Mississippi
D.M.A. University of South Carolina

Martha Shaw
B.M.E. Shorter College
B.S. University of Tennessee
D.M.A. University of South Carolina

Faculty Advisory Committee:

Early in the first term of study and before nine (9) hours of graduate credit have been earned, the student will be assigned a faculty advisor from the student's major area. The School of Performing Arts vests complete control of a graduate student's program in the Faculty Advisory Committee. This three-member panel is the final arbiter on the curriculum of study and the satisfactory completion of particular requirements within the guidelines established by the Faculty of the School of Performing Arts. The committee, selected by the student and the student's faculty advisor, will be appointed by the music executive prior to the completion of 9 credit hours of graduate work. The specific functions of the committee include:

  1. Approve the student's Degree Curricula and other specific degree requirements
  2. Approval of the thesis prospectus, final project or recital program
  3. Guide the thesis research and writing, final project or recital preparation
  4. Approve the completed thesis, project or recital
  5. Administer the oral and/or written comprehensive exam
  6. Counsel and advise the student throughout the program of study