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Master of Music Admission Requirements:

Requirements for Admission:

online application for the Master of Music program offered by the School of Performing Arts at Reinhardt University.
Checklist (PDF)

In addition to the general admission requirements to graduate study at Reinhardt University, music students will meet the following requirements.

  1. Present official transcripts from a regionally accredited institution showing the candidate has received a bachelor's degree in music. Students seeking the Master of Music degree in Music Education must have received an undergraduate degree in music education that included student teaching and state licensure.
  2. Have earned a minimum grade point average on all undergraduate academic work equal to 2.75 on a 4.0 system and 3.0 in all music courses.
  3. Earn a satisfactory score of on the General Section (verbal, quantitative, analytical writing) of the Graduate Record Exam.
  4. Pass the candidacy performance audition in the major area (see specifics below). Conducting majors must demonstrate functional keyboard proficiency. This requirement may be met by completion of an undergraduate degree in music which includes a piano proficiency component. Conducting students may conduct their current ensemble.
  5. International students must present a minimum TOEFL score of 550.
  6. Take placement exams in music history and music theory. Students may be required to take Graduate History Survey or Graduate Theory Survey courses based on the results of the placement exams. These courses may not be applied to a graduate degree program.
  7. Submit at least two strong letters of recommendation. Members of all underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.
  8. Students desiring to complete the Master of Music in Conducting with a choral emphasis must present an undergraduate degree which included study in vocal pedagogy and language diction in English, German, Italian and Latin. Students deficient in these areas must complete undergraduate course work before being admitted to candidacy.
  9. Following completion of the comprehensive exam, student must complete the degree program in three years. Failure to complete the degree within this time frame may require retesting in cognate areas or additional course work.
  10. Students will use as a guide the catalogue in force the semester they begin course work. A student may select to complete degree requirements as stated in a subsequent catalogue.
  • Students who are unable to meet regular admission standards may be considered for conditional admission. The conditional status must be removed by the time the student has completed nine (9) credit hours.
  • Students with deficiencies may be required to take remedial undergraduate courses.


Audition Requirements:


The audition repertory will be selected from a memorized 30-minute program that must include the following:

  1. A major work by Johann Sebastian Bach
  2. A fast sonata movement by Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven
  3. A major romantic work, e.g. a Ballade by Chopin
  4. A major composition written after 1915


The student must demonstrate advanced conducting competency by conducting an audition rehearsal with one of the Reinhardt University ensembles or an ensemble approved by the conducting faculty. The student must also demonstrate keyboard competence by playing a full band, orchestra, or choral score.