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Connection to the Internet

Your experience at Reinhardt depends on your ability to have access to the world of ideas at your finger tips. At Reinhardt, Information Technology provides high-speed Internet throughout the academic buildings and residence halls. Below are instructions on how to connect to the Internet through our wireless system and wired network. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Helpdesk at 770-720-5555.

Wireless Network

As part of the Office of Information Technology's strategic initiative to provide wireless services to the University, access is available in all classrooms and residence halls. Our wireless standard for the campus is 802.11b operating in the 2.4GHz spectrum. 

Initial Setup for Windows 7

We admit! The initial setup to connect to the Reinhardt Wireless system is "techy". But, on a good note, you only have to do it once! We have tried to break down instructions into three sections so that if you need to break in the middle, get a drink, and start back up, we understand. Seriously, follow the steps below looking at the screenshots and you should be fine. If you have any questions, please let us help you!


On the bottom right in the taskbar, click on the Network icon and click 'Open Network and Sharing Center'.

Connect to

On the left navigation menu, click 'Manage wireless networks'.


Click 'Add' to add a new connection.


Select 'Manually create a network profile'.


Type 'Reinhardt' in the Network name.
Select 'WPA2-Enterprise' in the Security type.
Select 'AES' in the Encryption type.
Make sure 'Start this connection automatically' is checked. 
Click 'Next' and then 'Finish'. 



In the list of available networks, right-click on Reinhardt, then choose Properties.  That will bring up the Reinhardt Wireless Network Properties box.


On the Connection tab, you should only have a check-mark in the Connect automatically item.

Click on the Security tab.

  1. Set the Security Type to be WPA2-Enterprise (be careful you don't choose "WPA-Enterprise" by mistake).
  2. Set the Encryption Type to be AES.
  3. Set the network authentication method to be Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) if it isn't already set to that.


Now click the Settings button to the right of the network authentication method box. That will bring up the Protected EAP Properties box.

Un-check the topmost box to Validate server certificate.
The Select Authentication Method here should be set to Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2).

Click the Configure button. 

That will bring up a small window.  UN-check the box for Automatically use my Windows login name and password

Click OK to close the little box.

Click OK to close the Protected EAP Properties box.

You should be back on the Reinhardt Wireless Network Properties box. Click the Advanced Settings button to bring up the Advanced Settings box.

On the 802.1x Settings tab, check Specify authentication mode, then set the mode to User authentication.

Click the 802.11 settings tab at the top.

UN-check the box for Enable Pairwise Master Key (PMK) caching.

Click OK to close the Advanced Settings box.
Click OK to close the Reinhardt Wireless Network Properties box.

In a few seconds, you should get a message (down by the clock) saying that Additional information is needed to connect Reinhardt.  Click on the icon with the yellow circle in it.


You will then get a Network Authentication box.

For Students - 

Username: LastnameStudentID
Password: Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY)

For Faculty/Staff - 

Username: Network Username (Initials)
Password: a unique password 

Connecting your PC to Reinhardt's Wired Network

The wired network is only available in the apartments, East and West.  

Call the Helpdesk at (770) 720-5555 if you need further assistance.