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Community Volunteers Step Forward for County-wide A DAY for Reinhardt College

3 Levels of Cherokee County Grants

The Cherokee County Grant is an exciting financial aid opportunity available to qualified Cherokee County students at Reinhardt College. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and interested students are strongly encouraged to apply early.

For 2001 - 2002, as much as $190,000 in grants will be made available to Cherokee County students.

Up to $2000 a year will be offered to a student who meets the following criteria:

  • full-time resident of Cherokee County;
  • full-time, degree-seeking student;
  • a 3.0 or better academic GPA (as calculated by the Reinhardt College Office of Admissions);
  • lives on campus.

Up to $1000 a year will be offered to a student who meets the following criteria:

  • full-time resident of Cherokee County;
  • full-time, degree-seeking student;
  • a 3.0 or better academic GPA (as calculated by the Reinhardt College Office of Admissions).

Up to $500 a year will be offered to a student who meets the following criteria:

  • full-time resident of Cherokee County;
  • full-time, degree-seeking student.

Questions about the Cherokee County Grant may be directed to the Office of Admissions at (770) 720-5526 or the Office of Student Financial Aid at (770) 720-5667.

On Oct. 4, 2001, volunteers will search Cherokee County for $90,000 in donations and pledges for A DAY for Reinhardt College. The countywide fund raiser supports local students enrolled at the small United-Methodist four-year college in Waleska, Ga.

At a volunteer gathering on Sept. 14, 2001, Jerry Cooper, county manager/Cherokee County and vice chair of the 2001 event, explained that since the first A DAY in 1988, more than $1 million has been raised for local Reinhardt students. These funds have helped local enrollment grow from "a handful of students" in 1989 to more than 300 today. Almost 30 percent of Reinhardt's current student body of 1085 and almost 20 percent of its alumni population of 10,329 call Cherokee County home.

Campaign leaders say A DAY is good for local students and for Cherokee County.

A DAY 2001 Chair Calvin Hill, owner and CEO of Gila Distributing, Inc., is a longtime College Board of Advisors member and has raised A DAY funds for many years. He said one positive is that the money "stays in the county with local residents."

"One hundred percent, no two hundred percent because the College matches what the county raises, goes directly to local students," Hill said. "It doesn't go to the College - it goes only to give scholarships to qualified local students."

Hill said the College, and its students, impact their world. His family sponsored an international student, Peter Makszin, at Reinhardt in 1997. After the terrorist actions on Sept. 11, 2001, Hill received "a telephone call by 10:30 a.m. from Peter in Budapest to ask about everybody here at the College and everybody in Cherokee County. So you see, Reinhardt not only touches everyone here in Cherokee; the people here in Cherokee and at this institution touch people throughout the world. It�s a great organization," Hill said.

Reinhardt Interim President Dr. Charles E. Glassick spoke to local corporate leaders on Sept. 13, 2001.

"This College really does have an impact on the surrounding area that we can all feel good about," he said. "You know Zell Miller's idea was that we need to have an educated work force for your state to prosper. You need to have an educated work force for your county to prosper. Think of the contribution that Reinhardt College has made to that prosperity over the years."

Reinhardt Vice President for Institutional Advancement Paul Milano challenged local business leaders to consider their A DAY donations as staff development.

"If we can keep our best and brightest students here in Cherokee County, they are more likely to settle here after graduation, and that helps all of us," Milano said. "It helps our businesses in terms of providing excellent employees and customers. These graduates are also citizens who can be active in our churches, our local government and our civic organizations; this involvement will help keep Cherokee County the special place it has always been."

In a new A DAY video, the good works of Reinhardt alumni Sheriff Roger Garrison '91, '98; chiropractor and former county commissioner Rebecca Ray '74; Waleska Mayor Marguerite Cline '58; radio personality Jim Vann '71; and former Cherokee County School Superintendent Corky Jones '68 illustrate the impact Reinhardt graduates have made on this area. Georgia State Representative Steve Stancil '73 explains that the grant helps students stay close to home and choose private higher education. Middle school teacher Sarah Ogle '96 tells how the grant helped her, and now she's teaching in our local school system, giving back to the community that supported her.

Development Officer Barbara Manous works closely with the campaign leadership and volunteers.

"In all, we expect that almost 150 volunteers will visit close to 450 businesses, organizations and individuals," Manous said. "We have a number of returning volunteers, and we're lucky to have a number of new folks, as well. This support is certainly impressive, especially when you consider the number of worthwhile causes in this area, and all of them are seeking volunteers and monetary support."

Reinhardt Executive Director of Marketing and Communications Marsha S. White also pointed out the awareness-raising aspect of A DAY. The College is sponsoring the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce's Good Morning Cherokee Breakfast on Oct. 4, and A DAY will be a focus of the program.

"These efforts do a great job in letting people know about the College, its programs and its students," White said. "Along with raising money, A DAY volunteers do a dynamic job in telling people about Reinhardt, and that's also a real plus for the College. We could never pay for all the good will that our volunteers generate. That type of 'spreading the word' can only be done by committed and enthusiastic volunteers.".

For more information about the A DAY program, please contact Barbara Manous at 770-720-5506 or

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