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10/15/01 - Reinhardt Reacts With Relief Efforts After Sept. 11 Attacks

Through the combined efforts of the Reinhardt community and the Student Government Association, the Reinhardt Rescue Fund was able to send more than $1,500 to the American Red Cross to support its relief efforts in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania. The fundraising effort came about after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, and many students felt the need to help in any way possible. The SGA began accepting donations shortly after the attacks and made two donation sites available on Campus.

Other Reinhardt students also felt the call to act, and have begun other such efforts for the American Red Cross. Students Demetrius Mixon, Lee Wester, Joel Payne and Valerie Blalock decided to make their team project a fundraiser after the Sept. 11 attacks. As part of their BUS498: Team Building class community service project, they sold pins, T-shirts, decals and doughnuts, and all profits went to the Red Cross.

The Reinhardt Chapter of Circle K is also holding a Blood Drive on Thursday, October 18 in an effort to help the American Red Cross and their blood supplies. Many faculty colloquiums have also been held in an effort to educate students about Islam, the Middle East and the history of America's involvement in that area of the world.

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