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A DAY goal met 
On Feb. 6, 2004, A DAY for Reinhardt Chair Rick Kononen (left to right), A DAY Division Chair Sheryl Collie, Reinhardt student and Cherokee County Grant recipient Kelly Habegger, A DAY Division Chair Debra Williams and A DAY Vice Chair Roger Garrison celebrated the campaign's success. Fund raising efforts have pushed A DAY donations beyond the original $95,000 goal by 17 percent, and have raised $112,000 from the local community to be used to fund special grants for Cherokee County students attending Reinhardt College.
03/02/04 - A Day For Reinhardt Speeds Past Goal, With Additional Gifts Expected

As of March 1, 2004, the current A DAY for Reinhardt campaign had exceeded its $95,000 goal by 17 percent, thus raising $112,000 from the local community to be used to fund special grants for Cherokee County students attending Reinhardt College.

Barbara Manous, Director of Annual Giving at Reinhardt, praised the record 250 volunteers involved in the 2003-04 campaign. The large number of volunteers extended the campaign's reach to more than 1000 businesses and individuals across Cherokee County.

She attributed the campaign�s success to the enthusiasm and commitment of these volunteers and the leadership of A DAY Chair Rick Kononen, Vice Chair Roger Garrison, and Division Chairs Debra Williams and Sheryl Collie.

"Many of our volunteers this year were newcomers to the campaign," Manous said. "They were excited to be a part of this effort and brought a fresh approach and new ideas. Not only were they new volunteers who had the opportunity to learn about Reinhardt, but hopefully they will become new friends of and advocates for the College in our community."

A DAY Chair Rick Kononen commended those with whom he had the opportunity to work. "We had such good people volunteering on this campaign," he said. "You get good volunteers, you get good results."

Kononen and Manous were also quick to point out that additional contributions are expected for the current campaign. "Though this county-wide fundraising drive is called 'A DAY,' its efforts, especially for those who make pledges, continue long past the A DAY date in October," Manous said. "Donations to the 2003-04 A DAY will be accepted through the end of Reinhardt's fiscal year on June 30, 2004. Donations received after that will go to the next year's efforts," she said.

Since the A DAY effort began in 1988, more than $1.5 million has been raised and awarded to local students of all ages. Currently, Reinhardt matches the funds raised through A DAY, and the resulting Cherokee County Grants have boosted local enrollment from "a handful of students" in 1988 to about 350, or about 32 percent of the student population, in fall 2003. Depending upon the student's grade-point average and whether or not he or she lives on campus, the annual grant ranges from $500 to $2000.

For more A DAY information, contact Barbara Manous at 770-720-5506

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